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My money-saving website was written about in an on-line magazine yesterday. Please help spread the word-more readers=more good tips to share!

Felix makes More with Less Today

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Lori Felix

Lori Felix

She says, you wouldn’t want to be behind her and her fistful of coupons in line at the grocery store but her friends would tell you though that you would want to be sitting across the table from her drinking a cup of coffee. She’d have a fistful of useful magazine clippings and for every topic you discussed she’d have a helpful tip. Lori Felix is full of money-saving tips and she loves to share them. Sharing ideas about all aspects of saving money is the concept behind her blog

For many years Felix was a stay-at-home mom for her two children, so her money saving tips came in very handy. She had files of ideas she had found and articles she had clipped from newspapers. Friends would tell their own friends and family to call her for tips on the best way to get a bargain. She says it’s her gift. “I’m not the best cook or greatest housekeeper but I know how to sniff out a bargain,” says Felix.

Felix’s daughter just graduated high school and the attentive mom is trying to fill her time so she can give her children the space they need. It’s been hard to meet the high activity level of a stay-at-home mom but Felix says she has enjoyed returning to work and starting her own blog.

The 52-year-old returned to full time work last January and has also found her niche in the world of social media. Before January she says she didn’t know anything about social media but since then she says she has been, “writing daily in my fast growing blog as well as Digging, Twittering, Facebook-ing, Linking -In and blogging. If I can learn it, anyone can!”

morewithlesstodayFelix’s husband was a blog junkie during the political season. As a former communications major, Felix was the intrigued by the process of blogging. She experimented with starting her own blog and thought it would be a good way to organize all of her ideas so she could get rid of all the paper clutter. She sent it to friends and family and when they forwarded it to their friends she knew she was on to something that might help others.

Felix says she hopes to get the word out about her blog so that her money saving tips can help others. It makes her feel needed, as her children are more independent now. “I think about those parents at night doing the homework, making lunches, doing the bath,” says Felix. “That part of my life has past but those are the people I am trying to help out.”

Each weekend she pulls her tips and clippings from a large laundry basket so she can organize her ideas and help others with her posts for the week. She posts stories on everything from travel deals and how to know the average cost of braces in your area. She has made the tips easy to find for when you need them so you don’t have to get your own laundry basket of ideas.

Her grocery store tips include limiting your shopping to once a week. One of her favorite tips comes from one of her readers. The reader told her about a website that allows you to put online coupons on your grocery card. Felix wrote about it in her post “Automatic E-coupons with No Clipping.

Felix encourages readers to share their tips and ideas. She promises to warehouse all the great tips on her website so readers will always know where to find them. “I don’t want people to think I’m this expert with all the answers. It’s really about sharing tips and helping each other.”

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