Nautical Theme Bottle Vase: Decor on a Dime

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Recently my daughter has a new found love for all things nautical.  I grew up on a lake and have always loved the beach, water, sand and such.  Most weekends during the warm months we return to my childhood home and the lake.  The kids love to be in and around the water.  I’m glad I have passed this love on to them.

We are now preparing to do a room makeover for my daughter in a beachy, nautical look.  This Nautical Theme Bottle Vase will make a great piece of decor on a dime!

Do you love nautical decor? See how we turned an ordinary bottle into DIY decor for your home or to give as a gift. It's inexpensive and looks great!

Nautical Theme Bottle Vase


  • empty bottle – I had this lovely blue wine bottle
  • white or cream yarn
  • twine
  • glue gun and hot glue

Nautical Theme Bottle Vase


Begin by placing a small spot of hot glue on what will be the back of the vase.  Quickly place the yarn into the hot glue to secure.  Then begin wrapping the yarn around the bottle.

Nautical Theme Bottle Vase

Use additional hot glue as needed to secure the yarn but only on the backside.  Continue wrapping the bottle until you have covered 4″-5″ of the center.  You can cover more if you like.

Nautical Theme Bottle Vase

Once the bottle is wrapped secure with hot glue again.  I wanted to add a little more texture so I wrapped the yarn a few more times at an angle around the bottle.

Add a border of twine to the top and bottom of the yarn section.  Use hot glue to secure like you did the yarn.

Nautical Theme Bottle Vase

For added detail you can add a variety of embellishments to the vase.  You could add an anchor charm or shells or anything beach or nautical themed.  I chose to make a sailor’s knot with my twine.  There are many tutorials available to learn how to make these.  I added the twine sailor’s knot to the vase with hot glue.

Nautical Theme Bottle Vase

Fill your vase with flowers or beach grass and display!

Do you have any Decor on a Dime ideas to share with all of us?

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