No Summer Jobs for Teens? Here are Some Alternatives

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No summer jobs for teens this year? Here are a few ways to earn some extra money. Make a flyer and pass it out in your neighborhood.


Sign up for free on You can find work as a babysitter, petsitter, senior care helper, tutor and more. I wrote more about the tips and inside scoop on this site HERE. Most kids are home for the summer but many parents are working and need help.

Do you know how to sell items on eBay and Craig’s list? Offer your services to sell un-needed items and charge a percentage of the sale.



Do you sew? Offer to do alterations for your neighbors. Are you a fashionista? Offer your services as a wardrobe consultant to a working mom. Spend time culling through her wardrobe and suggest inexpensive ways to update and freshen her look. Then offer to do the discount shopping for her. You can also take her unneeded items to a local charity.


Are you a healthy eater? Start an edible garden at your own home to work out the details. You will enjoy the bounty all summer. (Hint: I started with pony packs from the home improvement store first and then graduated to seeds as I become more knowledgeable). Advertise your services to your neighbors and include photos of your garden.


Are you organized? Offer to clip coupons for your family, do the meal planning and grocery shopping, and ask if you can split the savings. Once you become proficient, offer your services to a busy neighbor. I have articles on my website to help you get started with beginning and advanced coupon shopping strategies.


Have friends looking for money too? Host a group garage sale. Post the event on your Facebook page and invite all your friends to spread the word. 


Save money on tuition by taking a class at your local community college while you are still in high school. You can get a jump on your general education requirements and explore a subject to clarify your future major. Or you can take a Physical Education class, or learn a new sport. You will get one to three units of transferrable college credit.  At my daughter’s college, each unit costs about $1,000, so a 3 unit summer class at the community college is a real money saver. If you can’t find a job, take two classes!


Volunteer in your community. You will learn valuable skills, network, accumulate volunteer hours and gain insight for your college application essays.


A note to parents- having teens searching on the Internet and knocking on stranger’s doors can be a dangerous undertaking.  Please monitor all activities and exercise caution and common sense at all times.


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