Pantene Program for Donating Your Hair to a Cancer Patient

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Donate your hair through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program to a woman who has lost her hair due to cancer treatment. I saw a young girl donating her long hair at my hair salon today and it blessed my heart.

Here is the information from Pantene:

“When you donate your hair, you are giving a precious gift to a woman in need. We want to make sure not a single gift is wasted, so please be sure your hair meets these requirements before you make the cut. If it doesn’t, we won’t be able to turn your beautiful gift into a wig.

To be made into a wig, your hair must be:

  • At least 8 inches long (no maximum length)
    – If you have wavy or curly hair, measure when straight
  • Free of permanent color, bleach or other chemical treatments such as Japanese straightening
    – Vegetable dyes, semi-permanent dyes and rinses are acceptable, but “virgin” hair is preferred
  • No more than 5% gray

Here’s why bleached, permanently colored or gray hair is restricted:

It takes at least six ponytails to make a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, and each one comes from a different person with a different shade of hair. For a realistic-looking wig that has consistent color throughout, all these ponytails must be processed and then dyed to the same shade. It is critical for each ponytail to absorb dyes at the same rate in order to create a wig that is one consistent, natural-looking color.

Gray hair, and some chemically-treated or permanently-colored hair, does not absorb dye at the same rate as other types of hair. It is much harder to color and, once colored, fades more quickly.

Questions? You can speak to a Pantene representative toll-free at 1-800-945-7768. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

For more information, see Preparing Your Hair for Donation or How to Make the Cut.

What a wonderful way to bless someone with a donation of your long hair! Send us a photo if you do this…

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