Prepare to Coupon

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I encourage you to set up a separate email account as you begin to download coupons and sign up for money-saving websites. The downside can be lots of emails to navigate through as a by product of signing up for discounts.

If you use a separate email address, you can access it when you have time, and not feel bogged down by all the new mail in your in box.

Google (gmail) and Yahoo make it easy to sign up for free email accounts. Another tip, use a small address book to keep track of all your log-in names and passwords (not recommended for your banking info) just your other sites you  log in to.

I am looking at some new grocery coupon sites to share, stay-tuned. We are going to “take it up a notch!”

judy aponte-Randall

The best site I’ve found aabout cutting coupons is

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