Raise Some Christmas Cash – 7 Money Making Ideas

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If you need to raise some extra Christmas cash or will need some extra money in January when the bills come due, I have seven money making ideas for you. Get started early and when Christmas arrives, you can have a “cash stash” with your funds “in the bank.”



1. Sell, trade in or swap unwanted gift cards – if you received a gift card that you will not use, why not trade it in or exchange it for a gift card that you can use. You can buy full value gift cards for less? At Raise.com, many of your favorite store gift cards are available to purchase at a discount. Gift card sellers post their unwanted gift cards, electronic gift cards, and store credits from local and national retailers. A gift card listed for sale must have a minimum value of $20. A discount of about 10% is average.

For example if you purchased a discounted Macy’s gift card worth $100 for $90 and then shopped during a sale and used a Macy’s coupon, the savings could really add up. Purchase them for your own shopping or purchase them for gifts, either way you save!

2. Use Coinstar and get gift cards for no service fee -you can cash in your spare change at a Coinstar machine and get gift cards from major retailers with no service charge. Participating retailers include Amazon.com, iTunes, Lowe’s, Starbucks, CVS,  Old Navy and Overstock.com. Find locations HERE.

3. Take online surveys to earn extra cash –  If you have the time to take surveys and don’t mind giving out personal information, then you can make a little Christmas cash. The sites are easy to navigate and most survey participants  say they make between $20-$30 a month from these sites. I recommend getting a second free email for your survey taking. You will get a lot of emails! Opinion Outpost surveys can be done from most mobile phones. If you have time waiting for soccer practice to end, or if you are not driving the carpool, you may want to give it a try!

My Survey – participate in surveys with other consumers throughout the United States who influence future products and services by participating in consumer research. By sharing your opinions, you are given Reward Points to redeem for cash and merchandise.


4. Use  Swagbucks  to do your internet searches.  To reward you for taking this extra step, you get free points called Swagbucks. One of the ways to redeem your Swagbucks is by getting free gift cards at retailers like JCPenney, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, Target and Starbucks. My personal favorite is Amazon.com. I redeem these and use them for gifts. If you want to just give it a try- just set up a free account and do a few searches on anything like “iPod” and “tomatoes”. You don’t have to get into the sites or read anything or stay on them, you just need to do the searches to win the Swagbucks.

5. Sell unwanted electronics or phones for cash or gift cards – Gazelle will buy your  old cell phones, MP3 players, camcorders, ebook readers, gaming consoles, computers and gadgets. The site sends you a box (with pre-paid postage) so you can ship the items to them. The old electronics are resold or recycled. The average user earns about $100. You can also sell your unwanted gadgets (or trade them for a gift card) at Best Buy, Target, Radio Shack, and Office Depot.

6 Use “Freebie sites” to select free products for food, beauty, health, and children’s items from name brand manufacturers. You choose the free products that you want to receive. You can gather them up throughout the year and make your own gift baskets come holiday time. Freefly’s is a site that keeps my mail carrier busy!



7. Sell unwanted books for cash –  type in sell + the ISBN number from your old books (especially textbooks) and you can see what the cash value is on your old books. My daughter just made $125 selling old textbooks!


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sell books for cash

Some interesting ways to make some easy quick cash. I particularly like the idea of selling used books and have done it a number of times. Some on-line book buyback merchants even have their own iphone app so you can get price offers on used books while your out and about. Great for selling books for family or friends or even reselling books from flea markets and garage sales for a profit!

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