Retail Stores with Cash Trade-In Programs for Your Old Electronics and Gadgets

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Looking for a place to trade in that old printer, computer or electronics. Do you have a junk drawer full of old gadgets? I found programs at Office Depot, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Target, HP, Walmart and Sam’s Club. Do you know of any others to share with everyone?

Why not put the kids to work sorting this out and finding out how much they are worth? Offer to split the proceeds with them and call it their allowance!

Acceptable items with trade-in value are typically LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital cameras, desktop and laptop computers, printers, gaming systems, MP3 players, camcorders, smartphones/PDAs and more. 

Office Depot

Off ice Depot has a Tech Trade Up Program where you get an Office Depot gift card in exchange for your trade in. Enter the information about your trade-in on their website here, and they will provide you with the value. If you agree, you mail it in with a prepaid label they provide.


Best Buy

Best Buy will trade-in your items and provide you with a store gift card. Check the value of your items at their website here. If there is no trade-in value, they will recycle them for free.


Target will trade in your old electronics through a company called Nexworth in exchange for a Target gift card. Read the details for Target’s program here. has teamed up with CExchange to power an Electronics Trade-In Program. customers to earn an eGift Card good at by trading in their used electronics, including cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, and more at The process is fairly easy, and qualifying items ship for free.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club, in partnership with ecoNEW, offers an electronics trade-in and recycle program at Simply enter information about the item being traded in to determine the value, and a prepaid shipping label is produced. After the item is received and verified, the customer receives a gift card for the designated value.

HP -has a Consumer Buyback and Planet Partners Program. You can find the trade in allowance and  get the details here.

If you old electroncis are not worth much, or if you don’t want to follow through will taking in or mailing in your tech items,consider donating them to Goodwill. I recently took a tour behind the scenes at OC Goodwill headquarters and I saw how old electronics are broken down, reused, repurposed and recycled. Almost every part gets used again. This is a great way to help others achieve independence and keep junk out of our landfills.

I am proud to be a Goodwill Brand Advocate. You can see me in the bottom photo in the turquoise sweater. Read more about how Goodwill recycles items here:

Turn Your E-Waste Into New Opportunities.

We all know those old TV sets, computers, printers and other electronic stuff (known as e-waste) can reek havoc on the planet if tossed into the landfill.

What you might not know is that, by donating it all to Goodwill’s E-waste Solutions program, you’ll be providing job training and green jobs to people with disabilities and other barriers–while helping to save the planet. That’s what we call turning your e-waste into a brand new opportunity.

Since 1924, Goodwill has pioneered our own “Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Renew” manifesto by creating a sustainable platform that provides jobs, revenue and a greener environment. We make it easy to be green by providing a safe and free service to the community, where we in turn are able to recycle computers, TVs and other electronics.

  • Reduce:By making recycling easy, we reduce the amount of toxic materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills
  • Reuse:We repair what we can and re-sell to bargain-driven families in the community who can’t afford the latest electronics
  • Repurpose:What we can’t repair, we disassemble and separate the metals that is in turn sold to reputable state recyclers

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