Different Types of Salt and How to Use Them

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Have you ever been confused about the different types of salt and how to use them? Here are the most common salt types and how to use them to enhance your food.

Salt is one of the most abundant natural resources in the world. It is made from sodium and chloride and can be either mined from salt mines or as a natural sea occurrence. 

iodized salt

Iodized table salt is the most common type of salt that is found on most kitchen tables. The majority of salt manufacturers will fortify the salt with iodine, a mineral essential for preventing conditions such as hypothyroidism. Morton Iodized Table Salt is granulated, easy to pour and won’t cake or clump.

seasaltSea salt is made with seawater that is evaporated. The crystals in sea salt are larger than those of table salt and are usually a translucent white color. Sea salt provides flavor and versatility to fresh cooked foods like fresh salads and fresh salmon. Some cooks prefer sea salt because it provides a concentrated dose of flavor in each bite. Kirkland Signature Pure Sea Salt is harvested on the northern coast of Brazil from their pristine waters.

There are some studies that suggest that Sea Salt has positive effects on our immune system, weight loss, muscle cramping and reducing cholesterol levels when combined with adequate water. There are trace amounts of minerals including a notable amount of magnesium when compared to other salts.


Kosher salt is used for all types of cooking because the flavor disperses quickly. You can use this salt on everything from popcorn to roast pork. It is called kosher salt because of the fact that the crystals are ideal for meat curing, which is a step in the process of koshering. Morton Coarse Kosher Salt is slow to dissolve and has excellent flavor.


Rock salt is often used to make ice cream because it helps lower the temperature at which water freezes. Rock salt comes from the Earth’s deposits and can also be used to get rid of ice on your sidewalks and in your driveway. Tidman’s Natural Rock Salt is ideal for salt grinders and salt mills.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

This type of salt comes from the Pakistan region and is so pretty with its pink hue. Its color comes from trace amounts of iron oxide, found in the salt mine it comes from. The amount is small and it is safe for consumption.

Because it is a naturally harvested salt with little to no refinement, it contains small amounts of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It goes nicely sprinkled on to foods and in recipes, but many people also use solidified Himalayan Pinks Salt with lights inside as lamps. These holistic health lamps are said to purify and ionize the air around them.

Amazon.com has a nice selection of inexpensive choices for both extra-find grain and crystal version of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Celtic Sea Salt

It’s commonly identified by the slight gray color and moist feel of the crystals.

This salt has a unique texture thanks to the small presence of water left after refinement. It’s harvested from sea water like sea salt but in a particular area of France.

It is said that it contributes to balancing electrolytes and promoting better sleep. When compared to other salts, Celtic salt is generally higher in iron and lower in sodium. This helps if you are trying to moderate your sodium intake.


canningsaltPickling salt is used for brining pickles as well as sauerkraut. It is important to note that pickling salt is much more concentrated than kosher salt, so you definitely won’t use as much. Pickling salt will come from the sea or a mine like table salt. However, it is not the same as table salt since it does not contain iodine. Morton Canning & Pickling Salt is pure and granulated. It also has no added preservatives and no free-flowing agents.


Flake salt is made by either boiling or evaporating brine. This type of salt does not have high trace mineral content like other salts. It is often used for finishing fresh dishes like salads. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes provide a clean and fresh flavor with no bitterness.

sea salt gifts

If you have someone who loves to cook on your gift list, or if you need a hostess gift, a gourmet sampler set of salt and pepper is a great choice.

Which types of salts do you use in your home?


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