Save Money with a Meal Plan

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To save money on your grocery bill, you must start with a meal plan.

Make a  weekly meal plan  based on what is on sale at your grocery store this week. Use Sunday Saver  to check the circulars online.

Think about your family schedule for the upcoming week and plan to cook a double batch of the entree to use again on  busy nights. Plan one pasta meal and one meal using beans or vegetarian to save money.

Next, check your inventory at home to make you are not buying items you already have. I recommend making a master list of everything you purchase on your word processing program so you can constantly update it and print it out. To get out of the grocery store faster, organize the list by aisles. Keep a master list of your meal plans too so you don’t have to re-invent them all the time. You can make notes as to what was a “thumbs up or thumbs down”, easiest, cheapest, best for soccer practice nights, etc.

Then add the  grocery coupons for the items you need for the week. The best tip for saving money is to buy what is on sale at your grocery store each week and try to combine sale items with a coupon. There are free grocery coupons in my Grocery Coupon Database  at the top of my site  for you to find and print out the coupons you need.



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