Saving Money on the Prom

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Saving money on the prom is tough to do. Here are a few ideas that I gathered from those who have done it:

1.) Limit the hours of the limo rental, (just booking it to ride to the prom and arrange to be picked up at the end.)

2.) Instead of going out to a pricey dinner, ask one person to host a potluck dinner.

3.) Have all your friend use one florist and ask for a discount, or skip the flowers altogether.

4.) Guys – buy a used tux if you can get several uses out of it, or wear a nice suit and dress it up with a vest.

5.) Girls – buy your dress at a consignment store or borrow one from a friend. Borrow the shoes, wrap and purse.

6.) Have your make-up done at the mall, book an appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter. There is no cost. You can purchase a few products as a splurge, but that is optional.

7.) You and a girlfriend can style each other’s hair.

Any other ideas? Please share and I will update this post.

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