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Don't let LBL ruin your time to shine! Seize Your Poise Moment the new Poise Thin-Shape Light Absorbency pads, specifically made for our bodies. AD


One of the largest blog conferences in the country, BlogHer, has just come and gone.  I have been hearing that this is a “must attend” event from blogger friends for many years. I knew that I was signing up for marathon days of seminars, meeting with brands, private events and putting my best self forward.

My personal goal was to introduce myself to as many of the blue chip brands at BlogHer and tell them a little about me and my blog in a “speed-dating” setting. This was a big stage and a terrific opportunity for me to elevate my blog and to seize this opportunity with confidence and poise.

While the elevator pitch was crafted and practiced, there was creeping unease about LBL (light bladder leakage.) My hotel was a few miles from the main venue, it was not practical to interrupt my schedule and go back to the hotel and change clothes if need be. Besides, I did not want to miss a minute of the action.


Seize Your Poise Moment with the new Poise Thin-Shape Light Absorbency pads


Fortunately,the Poise Thin-Shape Light Absorbency pads I received would be put to the test. I did not want to let light bladder leakage (LBL) interrupt my time to shine! Dealing with LBL is just a part of life.

Did you know that 1 out of 3 women experience LBL? The little annoying leaks can be triggered by everyday occurrences like laughing, sneezing, coughing, running or even sudden moves. Bladder incontinence can be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, complications from surgery, illness or weight gain. You may only experience bladder control issues for or a short season or you may have to deal with it for the long haul.

New Poise Thin-Shape Light Absorbency pads are the thinnest pads for LBL. Unlike period pads which are not designed for LBL; only Poise Thin-Shape Pads are up to 40% thinner than the original Poise pads and are made specifically for those pesky bladder leaks.  Designed to move with your body for maximum comfort, the new Poise Thin-Shape pads feature Super Absorbent Material (SAM) which stay 3x drier than period pads and liners. The Thin Flex technology provides 3-in-1 protection for dryness, comfort and odor control. The Absorb-loc core quickly locks away wetness and odor, and leak-block sides for outstanding protection. I can tell you that they are very comfortable to wear and they move when you move. I did not sense them under my clothes or worry about bulges. 
Lori Felix and Sabrina Soto at BlogHer16

Here I am at the BlogHer Conference, meeting one of my favorite HGTV Stars, Sabrina Soto. She was so friendly and fun! I look a little nervous, don’t I?

Lori Felix, More With Less Today at #BlogHer16

My BlogHer Conference was exciting, empowering, chaotic, and exhausting but I am so glad that I attended! 

The Poise brand teamed up with Brooke Burke-Charvet to help educate women about LBL and empower them to seize their Poise moment – that exact point where they stop letting leaks interrupt their lives and reach for products, like Poise Thin-Shape Light Absorbency pads – designed for their personal need.



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We deserve the best options for managing LBL and the Poise brand offers products made specifically for us to live our lives uninterrupted with confidence. Visit to learn more and request a sample, so you too can Seize Your Poise Moment, whenever it arises!

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

I don’t have this problem yet, but after having all my kids, I know it’s going to be here eventually. I’m glad they have better options now.

Paula Schuck

Oh, how fun! I LOVE Sabrina Soto. Good job on nailing down the elevator pitch.

Anita Fonte

I have not experienced this yet, but with two pregnancy and your hormones, it is good to know there is poise for it. I used to think that regular pads were good for this, but now that has changed. It’s light and moves with you two things that I like.

Lisa JOnes

I’m Not There Yet But Getting There Slowly But Surely LOL! I Heard Nothing But Great Things About This Product!!

Angela Harris

I have been there, and it was at my favorite coffee shop. Thankfully my best friend was with me. I almost had a meltdown.

Amanda Simkin

After having kids things in the lady department have most definitely changed. Glad to hear there are reliable products like Poise to help other moms like me!


Sounds like such a great conference! I’m still young, but I’ll keep this in mind haha!


I love that there’s solutions for women who have these problems! I bet BlogHer was so much fun! : )

Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

I love that there are now products that are addressing this issue. Poise is amazing!


Luckily I don’t have LBL. I think these are great products for those that do though. They can always come in handy then. I love Poise products too.

lauren happel

Sounds like you had fun at blogher!


I don’t have LBL, but glad to know that there’s poise in case I will have that issue in the future. 🙂

Heather Lawrence

I did have a little LBL after I had my babies but had no idea what I could use so I just suffered through it.
Ugh! Now I know for the future there is something in case I need it.

Inspiring Kitchen

Sounds like a great event. It’s great that there are now many options for women with this issue.

Christy Garrett

I am glad that you had these to keep you protected. I hope you had fun.

Chubskulit Rose

I love that this is availale for women who had issues. It’s definitely a great help. Sounds like a great event.

Claudia Krusch

After having kids, everything changes!! Glad to hear there are great products like Poise to help other moms like me! Loved your post!

Angela Kanellopoulos

I have yet to experience LBL but at least I am educated enough to know what to have when I do. Also is BlogHerCon good to go to if your not as developed in blogging as others or is it just for expierenced bloggers? I just really started getting into my blog about a year and a half ago. I have worked with a few people but I am not totally out there yet. Still developing a following and such. I was thinking of going next year but wanted to make sure it would be worth it! Thanks!

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