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You can send a free post card to the troops, thanks to a non-profit organization called This organization ensures that all of the printed postcards are delivered to the troops in care packages filled with necessities and items to lift the troops’ spirits.


Thank you for sending the postcards to our unit! While soldiers routinely grab all the snacks, toiletries, magazines and books out of care packages, it is the letters, cards and postcards with heartfelt messages that mean the most and truly remind us that the folks back home care and appreciate what we do.
Thank you for showing that support. Have a great week and keep up the good work.
– A member of the Military Police

I myself have children ages 7 (girl) and 4 (boy) whom I miss so dearly! Seeing the artwork and the messages “praying and wishing for your safe return” that others write really brings a tear to my eye. It is very touching to know that the kids back home know why we are here defending our country and that they are very active in the supporting us.
Again, I would like to say thank you and keep doing what you are doing as many out here don’t have family members to lean on.
– An Air Force Staff Sergeant
I wanted to take a brief moment to personally thank all of you for your time, considerations, and graciousness. Iraq as you can imagine is a tough place to be, away from family, friends, and the simple things in life that we even in the army take for granted, for example running water or electricity. This place takes on a unique toughness that every Soldier here has to endure. The post cards that you have sent to all of us through Give2TheTroops make one of the many moments that we spend here in Iraq better. It reminds us all of the reason we are here – we see that in the gesture you have given us. We hope you all have a wonderful year and please, please enjoy and respect the freedoms that we all cherish and never take them for granted. We all thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they all mean so very much to us. works with GivetotheTroops which is a non-profit organization formed to support the physical, moral, and spiritual health of America’s armed forces in combat zones around the world through these free postcards and also care packages which are prepared and shipped by volunteers. 

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It’s FREE, and it only takes a minute. You can choose a pre-selected thank you note or write your own. Make your card HERE.


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