Should I Freeze This? Foods That Don’t Freeze Well

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To freeze or not to freeze, that is the question. Many people love the idea of freezing foods for convenience and to avoid wasting money by throwing away food. It’s simple and easy to just grab something frozen from the freezer, heat it up and you instantly have a meal or snack. However, it is important to note that some foods are freezer friendly while other foods will not freeze well at all.

Do you know which foods that do not freeze well and which are freezer friendly? We have a reference list to make it easy to know.



When I tried to freeze items on my should not freeze list, here’s the results I got:

Cornstarch- Cornstarch will lose its thickening abilities if frozen and then used.

Gelatin- Gelatin does not do well in the freezer since it will lose water when it thaws.

Cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and celery will turn into a watery mess if you freeze them and then thaw them.

Cooked pasta- Cooked pasta like spaghetti and macaroni becomes mushy when reheated.

Mayonnaise- Mayonnaise has the tendency to separate when in the freezer.

Frostings- Frostings that are made with egg whites while turn frothy when frozen.

Meringue- Meringue toppings do poorly in the freezer since they will become rubbery and tough.

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What items have you found to be freezer friendly? What items would you recommend not to freeze?

Do you know which foods that do not freeze well and which are freezer friendly? We have a reference list to make it easy to know.



When I was single and lived alone, I never, never cooked. My freezer was stocked top to bottom with frozen tv-dinner-type meals; whatever was on sale that week. That’s all I ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner, unless I was going out to eat for some occasion. My parents lived an hour and a half away, but whenever they visited, mom brought yummy home cooked meals to me. Lots of them. So, I learned that I had to freeze some of the food, or it would spoil. I froze virtually everything! To this day, even with a family of 4, I still cook in large portions and freeze some of the food.
1)Pasta does freeze well if you take a little care, before freezing. Always make sure the pasta is completely dry, first. Mix in a teeny bit of olive oil to the pasta, before freezing. Portion it BEFORE freezing; smaller is always better to ensure even cooking. You can microwave thaw it, but stovetop thawing with a little boiling water, ensures that it won’t get hard on the sides, while remaining frozen in the center.
2)Almost all fruit freezes, including bananas, but will get soggy when thawed. It is still edible and yummy. Consider using this fruit for smoothies, fruit toppings on ice cream, or when baking muffins and cakes.
3)Salad fixings generally do not freeze well. But, tomatoes do, if you cut them up ahead of time. Most legumes: edamame, green beans, broad beans- will freeze well. As do carrots, corn off the cob, and squash. Onions will freeze if you cut them up ahead of time. Pat them dry, and freeze them in small batches.
Hope that helps just a wee bit.

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