The Doctor Will Come to See You Now – On Demand House Calls

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I’ll never forget contracting food poisoning on a vacation with my husband. I was too weak and sick to leave the hotel. The thought of having to go to an emergency room and wait for who knows how long was not something I had the strength to do.  
When my husband called the front desk of the hotel, they found a doctor who was willing to see me in our hotel room and give me a shot to get me stable enough to go home. I was so thankful.
Did you know there are doctors who make on-demand house calls? The Doctor will come to see you now at your home, office, 7 days a week with
The Doctor Will Come to See You Now
Now there is an on-demand service that everyone can benefit from at a very reasonable cost called and is a close as your computer or an app on your smartphone whether iPhone or Android.  The service makes a background-checked,  high quality licensed primary care physician, (pediatricians too), available for an appointment at your home, office, hotel, and literally wherever you are between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week. the doctor will come to see you now
I recommend downloading the APP and having in handy so you will have it when you need it. However, it’s not just for emergencies. I used to work for a primary care physician and a two-hour wait was not uncommon. Many people have stressful and demanding jobs and will often postpone important doctor appointments due to time constraints. pediatrician house calls
If you have a sick child, don’t want to wait weeks to get an appointment, or have someone you love who hates to go to the doctor, now you have a terrific option with My elderly mom is at risk for falling, especially during the winter months. Having the option to have a doctor come to the house when needed will be so much easier on everyone.

on demand house calls with

Have you ever sat in a waiting room full of sick people during flu season? If you are not sick when you came in, you may be on your way out.
I reviewed the bios of the doctors available in the service and feel very comfortable with their experience. They all have impressive backgrounds with experience at major medical schools and hospital facilities. I was happy to see the service expanding in California where I live to include Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
What about cost?
Most Anthem and Blue Shield PPO members pay no more for a house call from then they would for a typical co-pay.  Everyone else pays a very reasonable flat $99. During my previously mentioned illness, I know I paid much more than $99.
You may not need the service now, but you may soon. Why not take a minute to download the free APP and be sure and help me to spread the word about such a valuable service. Our parents may remember back when their doctor made house calls and now with, a doctor will come to see you too.

tara pittman

This would be great having a doctor come to the house. I do not like traveling with a sick kid.

Ladonna Dennis

Food poisoning is the worst! Having someone available to come to your home. Other then an ambulance, sounds reassuring.

Joely Smith

I love this! These days we are so busy, a house call could really save people time, and for some, save a life! I think this is even better for those who are disabled, or elderly!
Thank you for posting this!

Melanie Smith

Omg! This app is just what I need in my life. It is amazing how we can have a doctor in our house when we need them.


Sounds really great! I’m from the UK and I’m not aware we have anything like this!

Amber Myers

How cool! I would love something like this. I’ll be downloading the app.

Tina Gleisner

Sounds like a great idea for busy professionals & when you’re stuck like you were on vacation. Thanks for sharing & I will definitely watch for more news on this up & coming health service.

Anne Yedlin

That is great that doctors still make house calls. I work in healthcare and around my area, it’s hard to find a great doctor let alone one that comes to my home or any of my clients. What a great app. I will be sharing this with everyone. Thank you.

Sarah-Louise Bailey

This was an amazing app. Get treated and cured at the comfort of your home was a priceless thing for me. I don’t care to pay a higher fee at all for a great service.

The Travel Ninjas sounds great. You mentioned traveling. Did you mean foreign or domestic? Does this service work in foreign countries too?

Elizabeth O.

This sure sounds like a lovely service that could help a lot of people who need immediate medical attention. I think it’s very convenient and it’s perfect for people who can’t drive to the hospital.


This sounds like such a great service. There’s nothing worse than feeling sick an not being able to get to the doctors so having them come to you is a fantastic idea – will definitely look into this!


I should have specified traveling in the US. It’s reassuring to know you can have a doctor come to you while out of town!

Annemarie LeBlanc

This is great news. I tend to put off seeing the doctor because I really hate standing in line and waiting for my turn to be seen. I hope they get to reach more areas. This is a big help especially for people who have mobility issues.


yes it’s such a great service. I was thinking about my elderly mom and how difficult it is to get her out especially in bad weather but I did not think about others with mobility issues too. So many people are going to benefit from having this as an option.

Bethany Stout

This looks like an awesome service. We live in a rural area so finding a doctor can be difficult this would make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing.

aziel morte

How cool is this and sounds like a good service and convenient! We don’t need to wait for a long hours to see the doctor


This is so good! I have to get my blood checked every month and sitting in the room full of sill people doesn’t make me feel protected really… Wish I could avoid this and glad some people can now!

Stacey Stegg

Seeing as I don’t like leaving the house for things like; paying the bills, purchasing items, then I would be totally on board for a doc to come to my house too!

Lisa Rios

I am sure it is going to be so scary when you are down with a food poison or any health issues during travel. sounds like an amazing service that could come so handy anytime and I am sure the App will be a worthy stuff to download!

Aduke Schulist

I’m so thankful that we usually get seen as quickly as possible. I’ve had my share of long waits before, but that’s mostly a thing of the past.


This is a good news. This service is nice especially to those who can’t bring immediately their sick children or family member.


Oh wow! This sounds like such a convenient service! I would love for a doctor to come out and make a house call especially if someone is feeling to weak to step out the house.

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This App is an amazing idea! A big help for parents needing the help of Doctors specially when you have a sick child.

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