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It occurs to me that while I’ve mentioned my children from time to time in posts that I’ve never really shared much about them or about being a mom.  My oldest is turning 11 in April and youngest turned 1 in January with a 9 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old filling the span between.

While many things I did as a first time mom 11 years ago were done differently with the younger kids, many things remained the same.  One thing that was extremely important to me then and is still important now is feeding – what and how my babies are fed which also includes how I feed and take care of myself.  The Honest Company has recently announced a new Feeding Line.  From Lactation Plus to Nursing Pillows to Organic Formula to Nursing Scarves, Honest will now offer options for moms who choose to breastfeed, formula feed, or a combination of both. #HONESTFEEDING

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The Honest Company Feeding Line - More With Less Today - The Honest Company Feeding Line - The Honest Company Nursing Scarf - Feeding Your Baby

When my first child was born I chose to breastfeed exclusively and I was so happy with every aspect of the experience and adventure.  We had very little difficulty and we were able to bond and share that experience for a long time.  When baby number two came along we weren’t quite as fortunate.  We were still able to nurse exclusively for many months but due to health problems we had to stop earlier than I would have liked.  Fast forward many years to the three littlest.  Many things changed over the years and my body was not willing to provide for my babies like it had with the older kids.  I almost immediately found myself having to supplement and needing to think about bottles and such in a different way than I had before.  I researched and looked long and hard at the options that were available.  I have to say that I never found anything that I was really thrilled with.  I didn’t find a product or company that made me feel like supplementing was the right thing or that I could really feel good about what I was feeding my baby and what supplements we both could take safely.  This is one thing that excited me most about the announcement of the Honest Company’s new feeding line.

The Honest Company believes how parents choose to feed their babies is a personal process based on the needs of their families. They know it can be quite an emotional decision. They are not there to judge, but rather to support parents with a range of researched information and safe, premium products that empower every family to make the best choices given their unique circumstances.  This makes me feel good about our circumstances and about what I can do to insure we’re choosing products that are good for us.

The Honest Company Nursing Scarf

The Honest Company has thought of everything when it comes to feeding!  I recently ordered a beautiful Nursing Scarf from the new feeding line and I am absolutely in love with it!  It is stylish and is soft and comfortable for both me and my baby.  It works to cover when nursing as well as to toss over the stroller or car seat.  It’s the perfect size for a newborn or an older baby…can I keep calling him my baby no matter how old he gets?  The scarf is 24” x 78”!  It’s hard to find something stylish in this big of a size.

The Honest Company Nursing Scarf

The scarf is hand-woven and lightweight.  The organically grown cotton is soft and breathable.  It’s thin enough to fold and fit in my purse or diaper bag so I can take it with me anywhere we go!  While I tend to be a little more black and white in my fashion and chose the chevron it does come in several other patterns and colors too.

The Honest Company offers more than 100 products including baby, personal care, home care, vitamins & supplements, and gear & more. In addition to selling products, the mission-driven company’s Social Goodness platform aims to build healthy, safe families by investing in the whole development of children ages 0-3 and supporting young people in pursuit of their dreams.

You can keep up with all the great things The Honest Company is doing on Facebook and follow them on @honest on Twitter.


Robin (Masshole Mommy)

I have 2 sisters in law that are pregnant right now, so I will be sure to tell them about this line!

Amy G

I’ve heard great things about the Honest company. I need to check them out. Thanks!

Laura (Another Cent Saved)

I’ve only heard great things about the Honest Company. I have many friends having children I will direct here. Thank you for sharing. I love how environmentally aware they are 🙂

Chelley @ AisForAdelaide

This is so great1 I love the Honest Company! I just checked the new line out- and those scarves are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Donella Crigger

That is a beautiful scarf. I’d use it long after baby is weaned. 🙂


I have heard great things about the Honest Company and from what you got I can see why. They look great and sound like really well made products.


I am impressed that their line keeps growing so quickly. I love The Honest Company!

Liz Mays

The Honest Company sounds like a one-stop shop for feeding! I’m so glad to hear about this!

Lisa Bristol

I have heard such great reviews about the Honest Company. I will have to order a cover for my friends baby shower.

Dee Mauser

I have a blog writer that is currently pregnant with baby #2 whom I’ll be sharing this brand with. She plans to breastfeed her baby so this info will be helpful.

Jenny Temcio

This is very nice. I like the design and how it creates discreteness.


I love the Honest company! Wow, the nursing scarf sounds amazing!

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

Great post, sending to my niece, she has a 3 month old and she loves this company!

Amy Desrosiers

When I breastfed my kids, I did not have a cover like this! I used a towel or blanket which really was not ideal!


I loved using scarfs with my babies. This is a great pattern too!

Debi- The Spring Mount 6 Pack

That is a great line. I am looking for great products for my niece and I will have to look into these.

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