There’s an App for That? Save and Make Money Using Your Cell Phone

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Save Money with these Apps:

These days it seems like I am amazed everyday by new apps. Recently I started exploring apps for saving money, making money and making coupon-ing easier. Well, let’s just say I was impressed by how far apps have some. Did  you know there are apps that will give you money just for scanning your receipts with your phone. Another app credits you money for buying items in stores like an extra coupon. There is also an app that will give you rewards for just going into a store and scanning an item with your phone. What about an app that tells you current deals near where you are?

In fact I was a little overwhelmed so I thought a post that detailed some of these apps would help.  And they are all FREE apps!

1. Ibotta


This is one of the first apps I tried out and in less than a month I already have $13 in my account.  It has fairly high coupon savings.  What you do it watch a video or take a quick survey and this adds value to the purchase.  Then buy the item from one of the stores listed, scan the receipt and then scan the barcode of the item.  A little labor intensive but I think it is worth it as the coupon values are usually  high.  For more information check out Lori’s post about Ibotta by clicking HERE.  Please note that the $5 friend referral has gone back to $1.

2. Receipt Hog

receipt hog

Receipt Hog is very simple.   All you do is scan in receipts from grocery stores, warehouse stores, drug stores etc.  For each receipt you earn 10, 15, 20 or 25 coins depending on how many receipts you have scanned to far.  Then once you reach certain coin levels you can either cash out, or donate your money to charities.  1000 coins gets you $5 and 250 coins donates $1 to a charity of your choice off a list.  You can also leverage Receipt Hog for a group fundraiser.  Just go to the Receipt Hog website to find out how.  Currently, Receipt Hog is only available for iPhone but your can enter your email at the website and Receipt Hog will email you when an app is ready for Android.

3.  Gas Buddy

gas buddy

Gas Buddy is a great app that lets you know the gas prices from gas stations near where you currently are.  That way you can locate the cheapest gas and also find gas station near you if you are not in your regular area.  How cool is that?

4. Grocery Smarts

grocery smarts

Grocery Smarts is an app the essentially lets you take the coupon match-up lists for stores on the road with you.  Choose your state and then the store and the app shows you the list of everything on sale and what coupons are out there for the item, plus the price after the coupons.  You can also create lists for each store on what you want to buy and save it so you can check out when you go to the store what is on your list so you do not forget anything.  It is a little basic but it is really nice to have this information easily at hand on the go.

5. Shopkick


Shopkick is a shopping rewards program that rewards you with versatile points called “kicks” just for walking into favorite stores with your smartphone. If you are buying just link your Visa or MasterCard, and you’ll collect even more kicks for purchases.

6. Jingit


Jingit is an app that let’s you you can earn real cash, instantly for watching ads online; or checking in and shopping for select products at your favorite stores; even for giving your feedback to leading brands by taking brief surveys.  And it is not just for cell phone, you can earn on your tablet and computer.

7. RetailMeNot


  1. Browse Top Coupons, Popular Stores, and Categories listings
  2. Get deal alerts while shopping at your favorite malls
  3. Get thousands of online and in-store coupons to your favorite stores
  4. Save coupons for later

 8.  Swagbucks TV 


This is good one!  Watch fun, fresh videos and earn Swag Bucks no matter where you are with the SBTV Mobile App! Enjoy watching 1,000+ hot movie, dvd & game trailers, scenes and interviews along with a dose of comedy clips.  Earn 2 Swagbuck per 5 videos watched and there is a limit of 50 Swagbucks per day.  You can also do this from your computer, not just your phone.  Haven’t heard of Swagbucks?  Check out Lori’s post about Swagbucks by clicking HERE.

9.  ShopSavvy (Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader)


One if my FAVORITES!  If you are in a store and you are wondering if you are getting the best price for what you want to buy, just scan the item with your ShopSavvy app and it tells you the best prices locally and on the web! Plus it will tell you where the stores with the cheaper prices are and give you directions or allow you to order it online at the cheapest price right from your phone.  It won’t find everything in the world, but it is close.

10. Endorse


All you have to do is browse the offers they send your way and send them a photo of your receipt after you purchase the products that catch your eye. You’ll earn cash back and points redeemable for charitable donations made in your name.  This app is similar to Ibotta.  Right now you can earn free coffee and 50% an diapers!




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