This Little Trick Saves You Up to 30% on Your Restaurant Bill

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This Little Trick Saves You Up to 30% on Your Restaurant Bill

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Think about how much you spent going out to eat last month. Got that number in your head? Now think about seeing at least 10% of that amount put back in your bank account. Wow, that is found money!

Thanks to an app called Mogl, you can get cash back from your favorite restaurants. There are thousands of participating restaurants and they are giving from 10% -30% back! But here’s the best part…. the cash goes right back to you automatically. And no-one but you will know…..

Do you bring coupons for your favorite restaurants? I’m famous for saving them or clipping them, but then not having them with me at the restaurant. I don’t know about you, but I often think the server thinks less of me when I come with my coupons in tow. Do they think I’m going to tip less or that I’m a cheapskate? You know me, I like to save as much as anyone, but the whole thing about bringing coupons to a restaurant usually doesn’t happen.

the invisible coupon mogl

Mogl has recognized that I’m not the only one who struggles with saving when dining out and they’ve come up with a way to stretch our dining out dollars with the “invisible coupon.” Once you join, either from their APP or online, the savings is discreet and coupon free. All you have to do is link your credit/ debit card, and choose among thousands of participating restaurants. Mogl has an official partnership with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Bank Level Credit Card and Debit Card Security

Your credit card is protected by VeriSign® certified (Internet Security Global Leader), Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, 256-bit SSL encryption, secure user password authentication and MD5 encryption for card protection.

Give Back with Mogl

For every meal over $20, Mogl donates 1 meal to a local food bank. Over the last 5 years, over 750,000 have been donated to charity. So you are saving money and helping your community at the same time.

Earn Cash for Your Favorite Cause

You can also start a charity for your school, organization or favorite cause. Let everyone know about your charity on Mogl and let the generous cash back get deposited to your charity’s account.

If you are looking to raise money, this is an easy way to get contributions from the dining dollars that friends and family are already spending! Doesn’t that sound so much better than some the the fundraising options that our kids come home with?

mogl meal discounts

Take a look at Mogl and see if some of your favorite restaurants are participating. Why pay 10-30% more than you have to when you can put that money back to work and have it deposited back to your account, very quietly!





Jenna Wood

Mogl rolled out in our area a few years back and there weren’t a lot of restaurants participating at first. However we did download the app and fell in love- now some of our favorite restaurants are on the list of local participants!


I just checked, but unfortunately none in our area. Hopefully they will expand here – would love to be able to save!

Cathy @ Our Mini Family

I’d love to know if there are any restaurants near me that I can save money on, too! I love this idea!

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