Thrift Store Shopping Secrets

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A rack of second-hand women dresses at a market in London: recession bargains.


Thrift Store Shopping Secrets from yours truly AND Sarah Jessica Parker today in US News and World Report. Is she copying me again?? Seriously, I was pretty darn excited to read that she shares my love of thrift store shopping and to get quoted in the same story as a style icon. How about a high five to your computer for me?

Here is an excerpt from the US News and World Report story, you can read the rest (including what SJP bought, right here)

Build Off of Wardrobe Staples

“On her blog, Lori Felix, who lives in Orange County, California, shares her love for thrift stores and deals, as well as practical bargain shopping tips for beginners. For those new to thrift store shopping, she suggests building your wardrobe with a great fitting pair of pants or jeans. Then look for an accompanying blouse, top, jacket or sweater at your local thrift store. She recommends that you wear those pants the day you go shopping, so you can see what matches well. Plus, don’t overlook accessories, such as scarves or jewelry, which are inexpensive at thrift stores. Felix started thrifting when her daughter was in grade school, as a way to stock up on inexpensive costumes and dress-up materials.

Pay Attention to Location

Another strategy that Felix emphasizes is the importance of the thrift store location. She finds the best quality designer clothing in upscale areas. According to Felix, wealthier cities as well as popular travel destinations can be great for scouting out thrift stores with high-end clothing. She shares that hotels will often bring unclaimed clothing and electronics to thrift stores, which means thrift stores near major cities and tourist attractions are the places to go.

Felix’s own best thrift store discovery was the time she found seven different St. John knit sweater sets that ranged in price from $7.99 to $9.99 each. The typical retail price for those luxurious sweaters at Neiman Marcus and other high-end stores can be as high as $1,000.”

I would like to shop at the thrift store where she donates her cast-offs, how about you?

Here is a recent blog post I wrote with even more tips for Thrift Store Scores:

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