Tips to Find Unclaimed Money – -Seen on Fox News

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Tips to Find Unclaimed Money- Seen on Fox News – The O’Reilly Factor

Did you see the segment on the O’Reilly Factor about tips to find unclaimed money? This is great information to share. How happy would you be if a quick search turned up some unclaimed money?

What is

Banks, utility companies, insurance companies and investment companies and other similar businesses are required to surrender inactive accounts to the state. These unclaimed accounts are considered “lost”, “abandoned” or “unclaimed” assets.

Unclaimed assets can include:

  • forgotten savings or checking accounts
  • uncashed paychecks
  • unclaimed security deposits
  • unused gift certificates (in some states)
  • safety deposit box contents
  • investment accounts
  • unclaimed savings bonds
  • tax refunds
  • life insurance policies
  • accounts in failed banks or savings institutions that went under
  • retirement accounts that got left behind

(IMPORTANT: this is a .ORG website, NOT a .com. If you mistakenly type in .com, you will be taken to a pay site. It is never necessary to pay a fee or a finder to help you find unclaimed money.)

Missing Money

If you would like to search several states at once, you can do so at another free, though commercially run site called When you first search, you are prompted to enter your home state. Be sure to search again and this time choose “all states and provinces” on the drop down menu. One last thing: it’s not actually ALL states. On the site’s home page you can view a map of which states are and are not included. If you have lived in states that do not participate in this site, be sure to go back to and search those sites individually.

I get excited when I find a $5 dollar bill in a pocket! ┬áThis could be good…. Let me know if you find success!

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