Transfer Old VHS Tapes to Video- Makes a Great Gift

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me and my dad

I was recently given the opportunity to review YesVideo and in exchange for my review, I was given the opportunity to transfer several of my precious old VHS tapes to DVD’s as compensation. All opinions and family memories are 100% my own.

A few years ago, at Christmas time, my Dad passed away after a long battle with cancer. Looking at family photos and memorabilia still makes me choke up and cry, which is not always convenient! I have to allow private time and I have to pace myself. My Mom enjoys looking at family scrapbooks all the time.  I guess everyone deals with grief and loss differently.

I knew it would be difficult for me to view the old family videos but I also knew that as the years are passing, those old VHS tapes are disintegrating and once they are gone, they are gone forever.

We survived a close call with a raging brush fire a few years ago and those old VHS tapes were one of the first things that got saved from our home.

grandma decarlo video

Once the opportunity came up with YesVideo, I had no more excuses to keep those old VHS tapes in a box, so I signed up to give the service a try.

There are several companies that offer this transfer service and you can also buy a conversion device and do this yourself. If you have not already done this and have memories that are trapped inside VHS tapes and are degrading, you should give YesVideo a try.

YesVideo offers a few enhancements that sets them apart. You get a private online account where you can share your videos with family and friends. My sisters who live across the country from me were able to view the family videos online. You can also cut the video clips online and share them as photos or short video snippets

They divide the videos into chapters so you can find specific parts easily without having to search or rewind the entire movie.

I downloaded their iPhone app and have been watching my videos on my phone and my iPad. How much fun would it be to see your old VHS tapes online or on an iPad for everyone to enjoy?

I can now watch my old family videos at my own pace and when I start to get sad, I can just log off and view them again another day. They are always available to me. It has brought me both tears and joy. Grieving is a process, isn’t it? Letting these old memories crumble with age would have been such a shame. I am grateful to YesVideo for the opportunity to preserve these memories.

Now even if the new DVD’s get lost or damaged,  I will always have access to my family memories online.

This would make a wonderful option for someone away at college or in the military.

I was nervous letting go of those VHS tapes but Yes Video sent me an email for every step of the process

They send the packing box to my house right after I created my account.

Dear Lori, We’ve received your videos!

Dear Lori, Your transferred videos are ready to be watched!

Dear Lori, We’ve shipped back your original videos!

There is still time for a Christmas Gift but don’t delay!

Holiday Order Deadlines:
In order to have your personal family movies transferred in time to share over the Christmas holiday all home media must be received by YesVideo in hands no later than Tuesday, December 3, 2013.  Please allow enough time for shipping!  For DVD orders and copies, you must order online by Wednesday, December 11, 2013 to receive your DVD in the mail in time for Christmas.
Discount code of HOLIDAY20 for 20% off on orders placed online through only.

Why not give a treasured gift this Christmas season, and have some of your precious memories preserved with Yes Video?

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