Little Handprints Craft for Thanksgiving

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Little Handprints Craft for Thanksgiving
This is simple and SO much fun with the kids. As the years go by and my kids get older (they are 5 and 2 for one more month) I realize how much I want to hold on to their little hands. This little art project was a great way to get messy with the kids but also to get an everlasting piece of art with their hand prints so that I will have for many years to come.
What we did was use a 12×12 piece of card stock, some washable paints, a paint brush, glue stick, “googly eyes” and construction paper and created these fun little turkeys.

First thing we did was paint the kids hands each color and made the turkey feathers. After everything dried I used my circle cutter and cut out a 4″ circle for the body and a 3″ circle for the face out of construction paper. We used the glue stick and glued those together and then added the turkey wattle (the red thing hanging down) and the beak which was also cut out of construction paper. I hot glued the “googly eyes” and then added everything together.
The kids had so much fun making these and now I have hand prints forever.
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