How to Turn Old T-Shirts Into Wall Art: Clever No Sew DIY Decor

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See how to turn old t-shirts into wall art. It's easy no sew DIY decor for a kid's room, dorm room, apartment wall or man cave!

Do you have a hard time parting with old team t-shirts that your kids have outgrown or are you looking for an inexpensive way to decorate a wall? We show you how to turn old t-shirts into wall art.


no sew decor


If you don’t have t-shirts or don’t want to cut them up, you can find what you need at your favorite thrift store. At our favorite store, Goodwill of Orange County, the t-shirts are sorted by color. You will have wall art that can change and grow as tastes and interest change. Today’s favorite sports team display can become tomorrow’s favorite rock band collage, plus you can reuse the frames.

Gather up your t-shirts and let’s get started! No sewing machine or lengthy step-by-step needed for this fun, easy DIY project! We chose our favorite LA and OC sports teams for our project.
make wall art from old t-shirts


  • T-shirts

canvas wall art with old t-shirts

  • Canvases – I used 12 x 12 frames. You can find these at thrift stores too or at your local craft store.
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun

tshirts for wall decorations

Step 1:  Place the canvas or frame under the shirt. You have to work with it to get the graphic to be positioned best on the canvas. Mark the area that needs to be cut off and be sure you have enough fabric to wrap underneath the canvas to be stapled securely.

what to do with old t-shirts

Step 2: Cut off the front of the t-shirt and work with only one layer of material. Cut off the sleeves and the neckline and leave enough fabric to fold around the canvas.

It is better to start with too much fabric and trim it away after you work with it a bit instead of cutting off too much the first time.

Position your design and center it on the canvas. Stretch the fabric to remove wrinkles. If you need to iron the fabric, now is the time to do so.

make wall art from old t-shirts

Step 3: Flip over the canvas or frame and pull the shirt tight. You will find that the material is more stretchy in one direction than in the other. Work with the stretchy sides of the shirt first.
Use the staple gun to attach the t-shirt to the canvas and put one staple on opposite sides of the frame and then check again to make sure the logo on the front of the t-shirt is in the correct position.
Once you are sure everything is lined up nicely, then finish stapling the rest of the t-shirt to the canvas. Save the corners for last.

how to put shirts on canvas for decor

Step 4: Fold the corners over like you are wrapping a gift and then staple those securely.


Step 5:  You may need to cut away excess fabric and cut away around the hook for hanging.

old team t-shirts hung on the wall

We used six t-shirts to make a themed collage and fill up a good portion of the wall. Position your collage on the floor until you get it looking just right. Measure the distance between the canvases, hang and enjoy your DIY canvas wall art.

This is an easy DIY no sew decor for an apartment wall, dorm room, kid’s room or man cave.

If you are a Goodwill thrift store fan too,  you will enjoy our Pinterest board called Goodwill Finds Repurposed which is chock full of DIY inspiration. Stop by and take a look!

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How to make wall art from old t-shirts

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