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Walmart is lowering the fees for it’s holiday layaway program from $5 down to zero for 2013. Score one for the consumer!

Starting September 13th and running through December 13th (Facebook fans can start on September 11th and September 12th, the Walmart layaway program will be returning  for 2013.

This year, shoppers will also be able to layaway infant toys, and automotive accessories such as stereos and speakers in addition to small appliances, large exercise equipment, some sporting goods such as trampolines, toys and electronics of $15 or more, including dolls, bicycles, video games and televisions,

Walmart will require that each item be priced at $15 or higher and the total of your layaway purchase must be at least $50.

A down payment of $10 or 10% will be required, whichever is greater and that will be applied toward the purchase. These are the same terms as last year. There is no opening fee to begin your layaway (last year there was a $5 fee to open the account.) This year there is a $10 cancellation fee. Cancellation fees do not apply in Ohio, Maryland, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia.

Once Walmart layaway has started, the expected popular items are expected to include:

  • Tablets, such as the iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Nexus
  • Smartphones like the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3 (prepaid only)
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and new releases
  • Big screen and smart TV’s

Here are the toys that Walmart is expecting to be popular once layaway has started: (from the Walmart press release)

  • Furby Boom
  • Barbie Dream House
  • Big Hugs Elmo
  • Zoomer, a robotic dog
  • Bikes and ride on vehicles
  • Children’s tablets and learning toys such as LeapFrog USA, LLC

Don’t forget, Walmart will price match competitors ads, so bring in the competitors ad and get your items price matched and put them on layaway to avoid paying credit card interest charges and fighting the crowds later in the year.

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Here’s my problem, growing up you could layaway anything – that expensive jacket to those hundred dollar sheets. Check, you could remodel a room. This was great. Kmart supposedly still does this, but two problems, they’re across town and they don’t carry the U of A items. I had hoped to buy my son the whole set. Basically remodeling his room for Christmas, but with no layaway I really can’t do it.
Really disenchanted with layaway fake-out


hi Amanda, at Kmart, you can layaway items online-here is an excerpt from a prior post I wrote’ Online, you simply add the items to your shopping cart and at the bottom of the shopping cart page is a box to check that says ” add this to layaway.” You make your payments online, if you set up an online layaway plan. You do not have to go into a Kmart to make your payments.” I hope this helps with your room remodel. all my best, Lori @ More with Less Today


I am a Facebook fan and when I get to wal Mart today – Sept 11 – to do early layaway I find out they aren’t honoring that at all and have deleted the FB page. Guess I’m going to Kmart instead. Sick of wally world .

Eva Shields

I agree with Amanda. It would be nice to put any thing you want in lay away. My mom is 68 and she wouldn’t want a smart phone or a leap frog!


hi Tina, you may want to post this on the Walmart Facebook page. I just checked and the offer is still there. I claimed my offer and they sent it right away to my email. I will be happy to forward it you if you want my early access pass.


I don’t understand why you can’t put anything on layaway . I have used walmart’s layaway but only for very little because of the restrictions I have haf to go to Kmart which is an hour away because you can put ANYTHING on layaway there . With restrictions how is that really helping anybody out? I would like To see Walamart go back to letting you put whatever you want on layaway maybe with the exception of seasonal items that’s a bigger help to customers and if sales are down wouldn’t you want customers taking advantage of the layaway through out the store


Thanks for weighing in. Don’t forget, you can use Kmart layaway online too, no need to drive to the store. Maybe Walmart will get wise and open up the categories and offer online layaway in the future.


How does layaway work? Is a monthly payment plan required? Is the plan only for the holidays & ends then? From comments, there is no interest charge or fees?


Hi Willa, you can make payments at any register at Walmart. Yes, the plan is only for the holidays. No fees- only a cancellation fee if you do not complete your layaway.

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