What is a Fair Price for Specific Healthcare Procedures in Your Area?

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What is a Fair Price for Specific Healthcare Procedures in Your Area? Find the Cost of Medical and Dental Procedures in Your Area.
The Healthcare Blue Book  shows you the going rate for specific healthcare procedures in your area. You can view the cost of  surgeries, office visits, therapies, labs, images, cosmetic surgery, dentistry and much more, for free.The Healthcare Blue Book  gives you the average amount that most providers in your area will accept from major insurance carriers. Surgery prices include the three major fee categories: the facility, physician and anesthesia services.
The Healthcare Blue Book prices are regularly reviewed and validated for accuracy. If you are paying for all or part of your medical bills, you should know how much you will be charged ahead of time.

Most hospitals and doctors don’t publish their prices, and the “list price” for services is much higher than what insurance companies pay providers. However, many healthcare providers will provide a discount to patients who pay out of pocket. But you have to ask for the discount. Having the “comps” will help you to get the best price.

Even if you have insurance and use in-network providers, prices can vary a lot. You may save money by checking the negotiated rates with several in-network providers. If you have to pay a portion, then of course you want to negotiate the best rate ahead of time.

If you use a Flex Spending account, you can access this free resource to help to stretch your health care dollars.

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