What is Cheap to Buy in September?

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What is cheap to buy in September? Two of my favorite sites, Lifehacker and Deal News have put together lists for us to try and time our purchases to get the best deals.

Here are their findings:

Big appliances: Stoves, washing machines, and other gear that’s way too big to fit into your car starts appearing in showrooms right about now, according to Bankrate.com.

Cars: Now is the sweet spot between last year’s inventory needing to move quicker off the lot and all that inventory being gone. Go in on a weekday morning if you can to get the sales staff’s full attention, and try to keep track of cars you like, then watch how long they sit on the lot. If you’ve got a favorite that isn’t moving, that’s the time to sweep in for the much better deal.These discounts start in September, but according to Forbes, they become substantially better in October and later. As such, you can save 10% to 20% or more on a 2013 car if you wait until October.

Holiday airfare: As we’ve suggested, the cheapest time to buy a ticket is eight weeks before a flight. Guess what’s just about eight weeks from now? Start buying your airfare for Thanksgiving, then wait a bit and grab any tickets you need for the longer December holidays.

Laptops: Just because you don’t happen to be re-enrolling in undergraduate studies, or (thank your lucky stars) heading back to high school, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a sweet back to school laptop deal. If you are in school, hey, we admire your ability to manage free blog reading time and your studies.

Grills and Lawn Mowers: As you might imagine, the people are looking one way (toward fall and winter indoor things), while retailers are looking back at the grills and lawn maintenance stuff they didn’t sell. Meet an outdoor store halfway and pick up a deal.

Shrubs, Bushes, and Other Landscaping Plants: If you’ve got a warm area to keep plants, or you live in an area where growing happens all year, now’s the time to jump in, Kiplinger says, and help your local greenhouses clear out the stuff that people didn’t get ambitious enough to plant this summer.

Patio Furniture Deals – it’s finally a great month to buy patio furniture. September will see an increase in the sheer number of outdoor furniture sales and deals on seasonal outdoor items. Look for discounts from retailers like Target and Sears, each of which took up to 60% off their stock of outdoor furniture last year. However, Kmart stole the show in 2012 by slashing up to 90% off its collection of outdoor items, including patio chairs and tables. Here’s hoping the store offers similar discounts this year.

New Price Points for the iPhone

As is tradition, Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone this month, which means that previous generations of the iPhone are about to receive a price cut; typically this would mean that the two prior iterations will drop to $99 and $0, respectively, with a 2-year contract extension. However, this time around, there are rumors that Cupertino is planning to release a “budget iPhone” which might take the place of one of these price points. Either way, cheap iPhone options are on the way for September.

Discounts on Older Tablets

The iPad mini is also expected to get a refresh this month, which means we’ll see nearly instantaneous deals on the first generation mini from resellers. If Apple keeps the original around at a lower price point — perhaps $290 — then stores like Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics could discount the 16GB WiFi model to as low as $266, which would be a new all-time low. Likewise, Amazon will update the Kindle Fire HD tablet, which means the previous generation could receive a new retail price of $159, if the store maintains the same pricing structure precedent that it set last year.

Big-Screen HDTVs Remain Near All-Time Low Prices

Although they didn’t reach all-time low prices like they did in July, 55″ 3D LCD HDTVs did fall to their second-lowest price of the year ($700) this past August. Chances are we may not see another rock-bottom deal on these sets until the holidays, but if you’re in the market this month, look for deals at or below $729, which is the category average. This price point should get you a name-brand 55″ 3D TV with built-in WiFi and app support.

While 55″ LCDs may not be at their cheapest right now, 60″ plasmas are. Prices have steadily fallen over the summer, with August bringing the best deal on these sets, priced at $600.

September is typically the best time of year to buy smaller 32″ 1080p LCD HDTVs. In 2012, September deals beat out the best Black Friday promotions by about 6%. Look for deals in the $169 range, which was last year’s low — and make sure that it’s actually 1080p. We’ve recently seen a resurgence of 32″ 720p sets in the past few weeks, but they’re coming in at the same price, making for a lesser value.

What items are you keeping an eye on for a price drop before you buy? Send me an email to [email protected] and I will send you a private email if I spot a good deal for you to consider.

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