What is the Plenti Rewards Program and How Do You Use It?

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What is Plenti Rewards Program and How Do You Use It? One of my readers asked me about the Plenti Rewards program and I did a little research that I will share here.  You can get gas at Exxon or Mobil and then spend the points at Macy’s.

What is the Plenti Rewards program and how do you use it? what retailers participate in Plenti? Plenti + Macy's, pay bill with Plenti points


In case you haven’t heard of Plenti, it is a new rewards program that was launched by American Express. It works rather differently than other reward programs since you can earn points with an array of retailers. The initial companies behind Plenti include Hulu, Macy’s, Direct Energy, Rite Aid, Nationwide, AT&T and ExxonMobil. The great thing about Plenti is that you don’t need a credit card, you don’t need those plastic keychain cards and you don’t need any coupons.

You earn points with any of the participating brands and you can redeem them with any one of the brands as well. For example, if you earn points from buying a new dress at Macy’s, you can apply those points towards your AT&T bill. You can use any payment type you want with Plenti and there is no cost to sign up.

There are two ways for you to earn points with Plenti. First, you will instantly earn points when you shop at one of the participating companies. You also earn points by activating certain offers in advance. This is done when you register for special online deals. These deals allow you to earn additional points when you purchase specific items.

Each company has slight variations with the way they run their part of the program. In general, one point is the equivalent to one penny and you have to accumulate $2 in points before you are able to begin redeeming them. The Wellness Plus Program at Rite Aid will be incorporated into the Plenti program. This will give Rite Aid customers the opportunity to earn Plenti points on promoted products and to earn points for Wellness Plus on each purchase.

Macy’s will also incorporate its Star Rewards program into Plenti. This will let Macy’s customers earn Plenti points on most purchases. With companies like Direct Energy, Hulu, AT&T and Nationwide, you can earn Plenti points when you pay your bill.

You can register for Plenti here on their website. You will also need to link your Plenti rewards account with the rewards account with the participating brands. The links below will help you connect your Plenti account. Other than the ones listed below, you don’t need to link your account since you will automatically earn points when you use your Plenti card at the retailers.



Nationwide Insurance

Rite Aid

Do you think you will give Plenti a try? What is your favorite loyalty program?

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