What is the Shop Your Way Rewards VIP Program?

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Shop Your Way VIP

My regular readers know that I am a personal shopper (free service for Shop Your Way members). Shop Your Way is the loyalty and rewards program for Sears, Kmart, Lands End and more. You earn points with your purchase and the savings can be very substantial. As a personal shopper, I guide my clients on how to maximize the program, price compare, do product research and make suggestions saving time and money.

If you are already part of the Shop Your Way program, I invite you to choose me as your free personal shopper just by clicking my link and adding me. There is never any obligation to purchase anything and no credit card is needed to sign up. If you are new, start here.

Recently several of my clients asked “What is the Shop Your Way VIP program?

Sears and Kmart offer a VIP program for their most loyal members, and it’s really worth taking advantage of because the savings are huge.  Enroll in the Shop Your Way rewards program and spend $2,500 per calendar year to become a VIP member. There are 3 different VIP levels based on how much you spend in a calendar year: Silver ($2,500), Gold ($5,000) and Platinum ($10,000). It sounds like a lot to spend, but if you are moving, buying appliances or do weekly shopping at Kmart, it really adds up!

Here are the perks of being a Shop Your Way Rewards VIP:

  • VIP Welcome packet with VIP card & coupons
  • Quarterly VIP Choice Reward
  • VIP-only customer service phone number
  • Extra savings in your birthday month
  • Early notification of upcoming sales
  • Special VIP only bonus days each quarter
  • Extra VIP hours & discounts for Sears Friends & Family Sale Events
  • $4.99 oil change
  • SYW MAX shipping discounts
  • More perks!


What is the Shop Your Way VIP program?

When Do Your VIP Benefits Begin?

VIP benefits typically begin about 1-2 weeks after you meet your spending threshold. To see if you have been granted VIP status, log into your account on www.ShopYourWay.com, and click your name up at the top. A drop down window will open, and you will see your VIP status and qualified yearly spending below your Surprise Points.

Points needed to become Shop Your Way VIP


I Reached the VIP Spending Threshold, Now What Do I Need to Do?

You want to make sure all your account information is correct! You  will also want to get updates on VIP Bonuses, right? Here’s what you need to do BEFORE you reach VIP status to make sure you are getting the most out of your VIP account:

  • Update your name, address, phone number and birthday in the system. You can either go into your account settings online or call the Shop Your Way Customer Care Center at 1-800-991-8708. Do this as soon as possible so they can send you your VIP Welcome Packet. If they don’t have your correct address, they can’t send it to you.
  • Make sure you have your correct first and last name on your Shop Your Way rewards account. Don’t use initials or made up names! Seriously, the folks at the Customer Care Center want to provide you with the best service possible (and so does your Personal Shopper). It also can create problems with credit cards and with purchase pickup if your name is Tinkerbell, Anonymous Anonymous or A P. Use the same name that is on your ID and your credit cards.
  • Follow Shop Your Way VIP on www.ShopYourWay.com. That way you will get important updates. You can either: 1) Type in Shop Your Way Rewards VIP into the search bar and look for the little blue circle with the check mark, then click on it to open the page and click the red “FOLLOW” button, or 2) Copy this link into the address bar once you are logged into your account: http://www.shopyourway.com/tag/shop-your-way-rewards-vip/1461510/vip-choice-benefits and click the red “FOLLOW” button.
  • Make sure you have your Shop Your Way account settings approved to send you daily emails (at least). If you say you don’t want to receive any emails, then you won’t be eligible for all the VIP perks and you will lose out on all the benefits.


Shop Your Way VIP benefitsVIP Welcome Packet

If you have your address on your Shop Your Way account when you first become a VIP, they will send you a welcome packet. VIP members are the only members that have the plastic membership card, and it is only sent out when you initially become a VIP member. It cannot be requested later.  The VIP Welcome Packet includes:

  • A plastic Shop Your Way Rewards VIP card with your name and membership number on it.
  • A small plastic key tag with your Shop Your Way rewards number on it.
  • Information on how to use the VIP program
  • Coupons!

Did I say coupons? It’s the best part of the welcome packet! You will get coupons that you can use throughout your first year of membership. The offers are one-time only and are only sent out when you first gain VIP status.

VIP Quarterly Choice Reward

The first thing you want to do once you have VIP status is to go into your Shop Your Way Rewards VIP page.  Make sure you are logged into your account. Type VIP into the address bar. A drop down list will populate with Shop Your Way Rewards VIP with a small blue circle and a white check mark beside it, along with the wording “(Official Page)”. Select that line & click it to open the page. I have highlighted the link in pale peach below to make it easier to see.


Shop Your Way VIP rewardsOr you can use this link: http://www.shopyourway.com/tag/shop-your-way-rewards-vip/1461510 to get to get to the Shop Your Way Rewards VIP page.

You will find several different types of VIP rewards on this page. Up at the top, you will see bonus offers. You can select as many bonuses as you want. Make sure to check this page often for new bonus offers.  

Underneath the bonus offers you will see your selection of quarterly VIP rewards. Rewards are marked with a bar that specifies:

  • All VIPs
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


Shop Your Way VIP bonus deals


You will automatically see the rewards that you qualify for up at the top of the screen. You can select one reward each quarter. Just click the red button under the reward that says “Get Benefit”. Once you select your quarterly VIP Reward, all the other rewards will say “Not Eligible”. You can filter the reward choices on the left hand side of the page by selecting VIP level (Silver, Gold or Platinum), or by store (Sears, Kmart or both), or by department.

Shop Your Way VIP Quarterly Choice Benefits



Once you select your benefit, check your email for the link to either load the reward digitally to your account or to print it out to use in store. If you are in store with your cell phone, you can click the “print” option to open up the coupon with bar code for the cashier to scan.


Make sure to go in and select a VIP Reward each quarter. You will find that the rewards change seasonally. The $4.99 oil change coupons can also be found on your VIP reward page. Make sure to click the button that says “Get Benefit” to send it to your email. They used to send oil change coupons through the mail. Now all VIP benefits are selected through the website.


Once you have selected your VIP reward, you do not have the option to change your mind. If you load the reward to your account and do not use it, you will lose it. Generally there is a grace period past the end of the quarter to use your VIP reward. Some of the VIP rewards and bonus offers have limited amounts and sell out quickly. If you do not see what you are looking for when the quarter begins, check again as they load additional rewards during each quarter. If you do not select your VIP reward during the quarter, then you forfeit your reward for that quarter.


If you have any problems with loading or using your Quarterly VIP Rewards, just call the VIP Concierge (see below) and they will be happy to assist you.


VIP-only Customer Service Phone Number

Shop Your Way VIP members get priority service for any membership questions by contacting their dedicated VIP-only customer relations phone number (1-800-990-5427). I have found that I get a higher level of service as a VIP.


Birthday Month Perk

Treat yourself to extra points on all qualifying purchases during your birthday month.  Silver VIPs earn an extra 5% during their birthday month. Gold VIPs get 10% extra, and Platinum VIPs earn an extra 15%. Be sure your birth date is included in your Member profile!


Early Notification of Upcoming Sales

One of the best perks of being a VIP is early notification of sales. As a VIP you will also get extended shopping hours for the Sears Friends and Family Events, which happen quarterly.

A Special Bonus Day Each Quarter

Silver VIPs enjoy a 5% points special bonus day each quarter, while Gold VIPs get 10% bonus & Platinum VIPs get 15% bonus points during the special bonus days. Make sure to check your email for announcements. VIP members must select the Bonus Day points coupon from their VIP Rewards page, and load it to their account or print it out from the email to use when they shop. Bonus points can be earned on regular and sale priced merchandise.

$4.99 Oil Change

All VIP members get a $4.99 oil change with free tire rotation at Sears Auto Centers twice a year. Make sure to select the benefit from your Shop Your Way Rewards VIP page, then check your email for the coupon.  You can either print out the coupon or load it digitally to your account.


Discounts on Shipping

VIP members get a discounted offer for Shop Your Way Max shipping services. It’s an extra service that saves you money.  VIP members will see a special Shop Your Way MAX coupon offer on their coupon screen. So far this year, I saved $187.53 in shipping through Shop Your Way MAX. It’s not only saved me on shipping charges, but it has also saved me time and gas by not having to go into the stores. I can shop in the comfort of my own home whenever I want.

Here’s the link for more information on Shop Your Way MAX Shipping: http://www.shopyourway.com/max?sid=MAXHOME_SYWONLINE

More VIP perks!

  • VIPs automatically receive 20% in Points on all computer accessories (includes mice, web cams, keyboards, cases and bags) and Alphaline Electronics, in store and online at Sears & Kmart.
  • Exclusive VIP Member offers throughout the year.
  • Extra Surprise Points!


How Long Do I Remain a VIP?

You will be in your VIP level until December 31 of the following year, unless you advance to a higher level. VIP levels get reviewed every week, so in case you qualify for an upgrade, the Shop Your Way VIP team will be checking. Also keep in mind, once you achieve VIP status, at the beginning of each subsequent calendar year your Total Qualified Spend will reset to zero and you will need to achieve the minimum spend requirements to re-qualify for VIP status the following year.

Bottom Line: Does Shop Your Way VIP Status Pay Off?

Absolutely! Here’s why:

    1. Since I became a VIP I have received significantly more Surprise Points offers on a regular basis, and for deeper discounts. Sears and Kmart reward their best customers for loyalty. One of my family members and several clients became VIP and they all asked me if they were supposed to get this much back in points!
    2. Quarterly VIP Choice Rewards can be huge. One of my clients got $50 back in points on her lawnmower, then another got $170 back in points when she bought a tablet the next quarter. That’s $220 back in points so far this year, with another 2 quarters left to go. One client got 100% back in points on a pressure washer for her husband, and another got $225 back in points on her vacuum cleaner. The points you get back can be used on anything because they come as regular reward points. Put the points you get back towards groceries and kitty litter if you’re thrifty, or be daring and get that splurge item you have been wanting or the latest electronics.
    3. I get extra hours and bigger discounts on Sears Friends and Family Events. Most members get 6pm to 9pm after their local Sears store closes. VIP members get all day to shop in store, plus there are extended hours for on-line shopping during Friends and Family Events.
    4. The discounts I’ve gotten on Shop Your Way MAX Shipping have been huge. I don’t know that I would have spent $185 on shipping this year. With a busy schedule, I have been able to shop in the evenings after everything’s quiet, pay online and my order arrives at my front door a few days later. I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything, and Shop Your Way MAX Shipping means I can do more. I also love that I get $3 back in Surprise Points each month as a rebate on the $39 annual fee. As a Silver VIP member, my annual fee was only $19 (a 50% savings), and I still got back $3/month for 12 months. I got $36 back in points, and only paid $19 for shipping. Heck, that’s more than I paid! It’s a great deal.

You may want to print out this post or save it as a favorite. If you are not spending enough to be a VIP, you can still get great savings, free shipping for 90 days, points back on your purchases and have my services as your free personal shopper.

Simply choose me as your free personal shopper just by clicking my link and adding me. If you are already a client, feel free to pass along my information to friends and family members who will enjoy this personal service too.

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