Where to Buy Discount Gift Cards

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I found a site where you can buy discount gift cards.  You  pay less than face value for the gift cards from major retailers. You can either give these discount gift cards as gifts, or you can purchase these yourself and then use them for your Christmas  shopping and stretch your dollars.

The recipient does not know that you paid less than face value, all they see if the gift card for the full value. For example if you pay $80.00 for a gift card worth $100.00, all the recipient sees is their gift card for $100. All of these discount gift cards come with free shipping.

You can also sell your unwanted or unused gift cards at this site. Yes they will charge a fee but it is better than having the unused card sit in a drawer.

The  site is called giftcards.com, you can go to their website to search their inventory by clicking on their ad below: Click on “discounted merchant cards, then click  “search all.


Here is a sample of the discount gift cards that you can buy at giftcards.com:

Bath and Body Works – $132.50 gift card , you pay $115.28 and save $17.22.

Pier One – $100 gift card for $85.00, save 15%

Borders – $250.00 for $217.50, save $32.50

JCPenney – $100 gift certificate for $87.50, save $12.50

The site will also buy your unwanted gift cards with a balance between $25.00 and $200.00 as long as there is not a pending expiration.

You can also order a personalized Visa Gift Card but beware of the fees involved-see the fee schedule for this at the bottom of their website.

The inventory changes frequently so what you see today may be unavailable tomorrow. If you can combine a discount gift card with a More With Less Today  promo code, you may be able to really stretch your dollars!

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