Add a little flair to your entertaining with this Holiday Charcuterie Board with affordable and tasty items from Walmart.

Bonus, you can have everything delivered straight to your door with Walmart+. I use it often and love the convenience.

What to Put in a  Charcuterie Board?

Popular choices include fresh or dried fruit, cheese and crackers, nuts, olives, candy, and lunchmeat, or cured meats like pepperoni or salami.

What I used on my Holiday Charcuterie Board:

Pita Crackers Rosemary Sweetened Dried Cranberries Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese Kiwi Roasted Almonds

What I used on my Holiday Charcuterie Board:

Broccoli – we used a small piece of a stalk for the base of the “tree" Seedless Grapes Cherry Tomatoes Thin Sliced Salami  4 Cheese Tray Sun-Dried Raisins Vanilla Yogurt Raisins

What I used on my Holiday Charcuterie Board:

Better Homes & Gardens Acacia Wood Serving Tray with Gold Handles Better Homes & Gardens White Porcelain Square Dipped Bowls

Check your pantry and refrigerator to see what you may already have on hand and then fill in with groceries from Walmart.

All you do is build layers in the shape of a triangle to make it look like a tree. Start wide at the bottom and then keep making the layers smaller until you get to the top.

I’ve enjoyed the wood serving tray for many years. You can see it has been well-loved.

We used a small piece of a broccoli stalk as the base of our “tree”.

I like to vary the sweet and the savory as well as the colors to keep it visually interesting.