The Giving Effect- Today’s Good Deed

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Do you have something to donate but not sure who would want it? Log on to and the site will match you up with a charity near you who would love to have your items.

There are 1,778 great causes seeking your donations of clothes, food, books, building supplies, school supplies, baby gear, flowers and plants, craft and hobby supplies and so much more.

You can donate to children’s charities, health related causes like cancer, charities that support veterans, animals, the environment, education, homelessness and many more.

The Giving Effect will match you up with charities that are within a specific geographical location (sort by zip code) and those that will pick up your goods or will accept a drop off.

Now you can find a great home for all that stuff you no longer need, get a tax donation,  and do some good in the process!



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