Moving Soon? 11 Easy Tips to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

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Are you moving soon? I have 11 easy tips to make your new place feel like home quickly. I was in the military and moved often so I have learned some tricks!

When I was in the Army, I moved more times than I could count. I almost always lived “off post” and learned to make a new space into a place that felt like home quickly.

Fast forward to the present and my husband and I have moved and rented several times throughout our marriage. We rented when we were looking to buy a house in a new area and wanted to get a feel for the neighborhood. We rented again when we sold that house and wanted to downsize into a smaller place,

If you are moving soon, whether you are changing jobs, moving to an off-campus apartment, buying or selling a home, moving to a new assignment with the military or starting over, I’d love to share 11 Easy Tips to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

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11 Easy Tips to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Moving into a new space is exciting. While you are probably overwhelmed with the thought of trying to settle in, there are a few easy tips you can do right away to help your new place feel like your own. If you are moving into a place where someone is already established, make sure you co-decorate and add some items that are important to you.

Rent the Furniture You Need

If you have ever sold furniture before a move, then you already know the hassle of listing it on a site like Craigslist and having strangers come to your house with low-ball offers because they know you are on a deadline to get rid of it. It’s not a good feeling. Storing furniture is also an expensive way to go with the storage fees often exceeding the cost of the furniture. When you rent furniture when you are moving, you can take your time finding the perfect pieces for your new space.


Accent with Color

Buy inexpensive accent pillows, candles, blankets and rugs to add your personality to your new space.

Make a Place for Keys and Eyeglasses

While you are getting used to your new space, make a place for your keys and your eyeglasses. These are items that frequently get misplaced and can get you out of your routine in a hurry.

Play Your Favorite Music

There is lots of work to be done. You might as well enjoy your favorite music while you unpack.

Pick One Room as the Unpacking Room

As you begin to unpack, try to keep all the boxes in one area. The goal is to bring some order to each room as fast as you can and not have each room feel like a disaster.

Display Favorite Photos

Display your favorite photos right away, but hold off on hanging up artwork.

Paint if You Can

Paint your rooms before you start hanging things on the walls. If you can’t paint, look for peel and stick wallpaper, room decals, or large posters you can frame.

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Add Some Greenery

If you don’t have plants you are bringing with you, find a few easy to grow houseplants and add them to your decor. Having some live plants will give your home an organic touch, plus many of them will help to clean the air. I have been decorating with inexpensive succulents because they look great and are easier to keep alive!. I added them to a few teacups without removing them from their containers and then added a little moss around the sides. I water them once a week and they are doing quite well.

Add the Scents of Home

Everyone has scents that remind them of home. Bring that scent with you to your new home from a favorite candle, room fragrance or from favorite flowers. To help acclimate your pets, put one of your t-shirts into their bedding area so they can feel more secure in their new space.

Put the Bathroom Together

Make that your first priority for setup. Unpack the toiletries you need to shower and get dressed. Hang up a shower curtain and set out some nice towels.

Get to Know the Neighbors

Say hello first! Let your neighbors know you are new to the area and ask them for favorite restaurants, walking trails, etc. When you have someone to wave to as you come and go, your new place will feel more like home.



 What tips do you have to make your new place feel like home?

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