Easy DIY Children’s Costumes

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Easy DIY Children’s Costumes with Goodwill Finds

If you are putting together DIY costumes for the kids, be sure and check your local Goodwill store. Here at Goodwill of Orange County , we put together some clever and inexpensive costumes in just a few minutes.


easy DIY costumes Goodwill, costume ideas using Goodwill items, make your own DIY children's costumes, OCGoodwill Halloween costumes

One of our favorite DIY costumes is the scarecrow. You can get an old pair of blue jeans, a plaid shirt, scraps of fabric for patches, and some straw, raffia or hay to glue inside the pant bottoms and shirt pockets. Add a straw hat and you are all set.


How cute is the finished project? See how NoBiggie.net put this adorable Scarecrow costume together.

I asked my clever friend Carrie from Coupon Closet to showcase some of her favorite Easy DIY Kids Costumes and she shared these terrific ideas for the Green Army Man, a DIY Spider costume and for Luigi and Mario.


I love this DIY army man costume.

Head to Goodwill for elastic waistband pants, a button up shirt one size too big, rain boots, a safari hat and Halloween makeup for the face. I saw plenty of these makeup kits at my favorite Goodwill store last week, for just a few dollars.

From home you will need a piece of cardboard for the base (makes for a great photo), duct tape, green spray paint, and two toilet paper rolls.

You can get the step by step directions from Coupon Closet right here.

spiders costumeThe kids had a lot of fun in their DIY Spider Costumes. You will need black sweat pants and sweat shirt (crew neck), 3 pairs of black dress socks (preferably nylon men’s socks) and at the craft store, pick up fiber-fill (stuffing for socks/spider legs), colorful felt for spider markings, and black thread & black ribbon.

Carrie says this is easy to do. Reead how she made the DIY Spider Costumes here.


For Luigi and Mario, all you need is a pair of overalls and a few accessories. These Mario Bros. costumes are easy to DIY and so adorable. Get the step by step directions here.

The Nerd– don’t forget the tape on the eyeglasses!


The Baseball Player – there are lots of choices for sports-themed costumes. You can also be a golfer, soccer player, basketball player, football player, tennis pro, or referee easily with a quick stop at aGoodwill store.

goodwill baseball player

A Fairy – we found a large selection of wings. Just add a some glitter for your fairy dust!

goodwill fairy costume

The Hippie – you may need to explain to the kids how to sport a “peace sign”

goodwill hippie costume

Lady Bug – Just add some pipe cleaners for the antennae and some black leggings. So cute!

goodwill lady bug costume

Our friends over at Thrifty Jinxy came up with a few more quick and easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes with items you can find at Goodwill.

Marathon Runner – Grab a cute jogging outfit and a headband for our little one. You can even add on an 8×10 piece of paper to the front of the shirt that says marathon runner and you child’s favorite number. This is a really comfortable outfit and works well for traveling in the car.

Princess or Prince – I’m sure your little one has at least one fancy dress or suit outfit for special occasions. Sometimes these outfits sit in the closet and only get one or two uses out of them. Pull them out and make a really cute DIY Halloween costume and they can be the bell of the ball. Try adding on a really cute tiara or crown (you can make this out of a piece of cardboard and aluminum foil). For your young gentlemen you can make a pretty fancy sword out cardboard also. Make sure you add on plenty of sparkling glitter! You can even add a glow stick to the end for some glowing fun!

Mommy or Daddy – Every child likes to play dress up and look like mommy and daddy. This may seem kind of boring to you but every kid likes to wear grown-up clothes and be just like mommy and daddy. You can either go to Goodwill and find clothing similar to what you wear or raid your own closet and dress them up in your clothes. Girls might tend to like fancy mommy clothes while the boys might like blue jeans and a tool belt.

Mummy – If you have an old white or cream colored sheet laying around you can cut it into strips and wrap up your tiny little mummy. Just cut strips and wrap away!! For a distressed look try soaking your sheet in old tea bags for a while then lay out to dry in the sun.

Artist – All you need to achieve this DIY Halloween costume is some old clothes, paint, cardboard and aluminum foil. Dress yourself or you child in some old clothing and drip, drop and smear paint all over the clothing. Make an artist’s pallet by cutting a shape out of cardboard (don’t forget the thumb hole) wrap it in aluminum foil and add different paint colors to the top. Finish off the outfit by having them hold a few paintbrushes.

You may also enjoy “How to DIY a Frozen Costume.”

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