How Does Sears Layaway Work?

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Sears has one of the best layaway programs I’ve found. Combine it with a free Shop Your Way membership and you can effectively save money and avoid using credit cards.

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Layaway at Sears can be set up in stores or online. The in store layaway option is only for purchases of $400 or more.

For online layaway, one penny is required down online.* There is a $5 layaway fee to get started and the minimum down payment for each item is a penny. The cancellation fee is $15 for in store and online layaway plans.

How Does Sears Layaway Work?

Shop for virtually anything. Bring your items to any register in the store or add to your shopping cart online. Items that are eligible for online layaway will be identified as “Available for Layaway” on the individual product page. Your in store total must be $400 or more. Not all Sears stores offer layaway.

Offer valid only on new Sears Layaway contracts initiated. No down payment required in store at contract initiation. One penny required down online. Service fees apply. All fees nonrefundable. Cancellation fees apply. No cancellation fee in Ohio. Requires biweekly payments. Total Layaway contract amount spread over 4 biweekly payments for an 8 week contract and 6 biweekly payments for a 12 week contract. 12 week Layaway option available in-store only for purchases of $400 or more.

How Do I Make My Layaway Payments?

You will make your payment every two weeks and you can pay online or at any Sears register with cash, check, debit or credit card.

  • Pick up your items if they are held at the store. For items held at the warehouse, schedule a pick-up or delivery time.

8-week option layaway facts (4 biweekly payments)

  • Service Fee is $5 for all new layaway contracts.*

  • Cancellation Fee is $15 for all new layaway contracts.*

  • One penny is collected when merchandise is put on layaway, online.*

  • 4 Easy Payments of balance due are required after down payment for an 8-week layaway contract.

For purchases of $400 or more, a 12-week option  (6 biweekly payments) is available in-store.

Are there any fees?

Except where prohibited by law, an 8-week contract requires a $5 Service Fee and a 12-week layaway contract requires a $10 Service Fee.*

Can I cancel a layaway contract?

Yes, you can cancel any layaway contract. You will receive a refund of your payments made to date minus the Service and Cancellation Fees. the cancellation fee is $15.

What if I miss a layaway payment?

You have a 7 day grace period after your payment due date before your contract is cancelled and items are returned to stock. A nonrefundable Cancellation Fee will apply.

A scenario for using layaway:

Let’s say your washing machine stops working and it is beyond repair. Let’s say the replacement cost is $500. You can set up an 8 week layaway and make 4 biweekly payments of $125 plus the $5 fee to set it up. So the total for your washing machine is $505. Figure out what your interest payment on your credit card would be in 2 months (8 weeks) and if it is more than $5, then you will come out ahead using layaway.

I’m not saying that layaway is appropriate for everyone and for every purchase, but it is a tool that you can consider especially when making a large purchase. If you think you will be tempted not to pay off the balance on your credit card, then layaway can help you to break the payments down into smaller amounts and get your purchase paid in full in a few months.

Shop these top layaway categories online:

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Electronics ~ Lawn & Garden ~ Outdoor Living ~ Appliances ~ Jewelry ~For the Home ~Bedding ~ Clothing ~ Toys & more

Do You Have a Free Shop Your Way Account?

Although you cannot use your free points to pay toward your layaway, you will earn points on your purchases. Those Shop Your Way points will be credited to your account within 48 hours after the layaway has been paid for and completed.

Use a FREE Personal Shopper to find what you need quickly and on sale! I am a Sears personal shopper and I would love to help you! Follow me here (no credit card needed and no obligation-ever!)

From large appliances to TV, to toys and clothing, I can find it quickly and give you several choices. The Shop Your Way Personal Shopper service is free and there is no obligation to buy. Join here and send me a private message and tell me how I can help you to find items for less at Sears and Kmart.

For Shop Your Way Members ~(join for free and earn points which you use off your next purchase)

Make sure you give your Shop Your Way member number, or give them your email or phone number to find you in the system. Once your layaway is paid for, the Shop Your Way points you earned will be credited to your account. It may take up to a week to see them in your account.

Layaway can be a better option than paying with credit cards if you are going to incur interest charges!


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