Have You Tried the New Triscuit Flavors?

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Triscuits has a new line of crackers baked with 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat, some have real food ingredients like sweet potato or red beans. I was asked to give them a try. I am an Original Triscuits kind of girl, going all the way back to my childhood. Why mess with perfection?

My husband and I often have cheese and crackers for a light meal these days. With only a college-age daughter occasionally at home, we find ourselves enjoying more snacks and having less large meals. My daughter likes her Triscuits with lunchmeat and takes them “to go”. My husband and I will enjoy them in the evening with a favorite cheese. Triscuits are a tried and true favorite and a pantry staple at our house. My parents always had them on hand and I remember them having them with sharp Wisconsin cheddar cheese, a snack that I came to love.

Have you tried the new Triscuit flavors? My favorite isTomato & Sweet Basil and the Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Order online and try them today!

There are 5 new Triscuit flavors to try: Find them here.

Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Tomato & Sweet Basil

Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Red Bean and seasoned with Savory Red Bean

Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Red Bean and season with Roasted Red Pepper

Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Sweet Potato and seasoned with Roasted Sweet Onion

We tried the Tomato & Sweet Basil and the Sea Salt & Black Pepper. The Sea Salt and Black Pepper had a mild flavor and very similar to the original Triscuits. Surprisingly, we all loved the Tomato & Sweet Basil. They are a little messy as the flavoring comes off on your hands but don’t let that dissuade you, they are delicious with a strong tomato flavor. Just have napkins at the ready.

I made my own Bruschetta to top off the crackers. I whipped this up in no time using fresh mozzarella cheese (nice and soft), about a cup of chopped tomatoes marinated for a few minutes in a little olive oil, shredded some fresh basil, and added a  little salt and pepper. It made a quick and delicious snack and the cracker was strong and crunchy enough to handle the moist ingredients without crumbling. Make sure you drain the Bruschetta mixture before topping the crackers as the crackers are a little moist themselves, unlike original Triscuits which are so dry. If you put the wet ingredients on top of the moist cracker, it may not hold up if you don’t serve the appetizer right away. Mine turned out great when I drained off the excess tomato juice and olive oil. The red, white and green topping looks so pretty and festive.

When the Bruschetta was gone, my family continued to enjoy the crackers plain and with just the mozzarella cheese. I think the new crackers are lighter in texture and a little crunchier than the original Triscuits. I plan to serve this again when we have company next Saturday.

A new take on an old favorite. Enjoy the new line of Triscuits baked with whole grain brown rice and wheat, some with real food ingredients like sweet potato or red beans.

Amazon.com has a huge selection of new Triscuit flavors. Order some to try today! Go here to see the selection.



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