The Dog Who Rescued Me

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Are you looking for a healthy affordable way to treat your rescue dog? I found Nudges Grillers at Walmart. They are affordable and Buddy loves them!

For two decades, my husband and I were looking forward to launching our children into their careers and their life’s path.  And then it happened. We were overjoyed for them, but the quiet at home was overwhelming at times. We didn’t anticipate was how much we would miss their presence, their friends, the mess and the busyness that was once the cornerstone of our lives.

We debated the pros and cons of adopting a dog for several months, and we would list all the practical reasons why we should not. One particularly quiet Saturday, I said to my husband, “let’s just go the adoption event and look.” We agreed we would not come home with a dog.

The woman in charge of adoption sized us up and said: “meet Buddy, why don’t you take him for a walk?” She handed the leash to my husband and off we went. When we returned him after a few minutes we exchanged phone numbers and told her we were really interested but needed to go home and talk about it. We knew the risk that Buddy could be adopted that day.

On the drive home, my husband was quiet. He suddenly turned to me and said: “I think we should call the lady right now and adopt Buddy.” He was right, we were smitten and our love fest began.

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Buddy is an adorable white Maltipoo who had a wounded leg.  He’s a little needy and wants to sit on your lap all day long. He will bury his head in your arms and nudge you for attention until you comply. I work at home all day and Buddy is my happy companion. He’s an energetic leader on his daily walks, and a joyful tail-wagger when daddy gets home. He’s just what I needed. Buddy is the dog that rescued me.

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Find Nudges Grillers at Walmart

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats Made in the USA

Now I shop for Buddy and instead of bringing home kid treats and toys, I spoil my little furball. On a recent trip to Walmart, I brought home Nudges Grillers as a special treat. They are a “human inspired” dog treat that has the same feel as your hot off the grill burger or pan seared salmon or steak and potatoes dinner. Because they are tender, they are easy to tear into pieces if you want to use them for training. We have not gotten past “sit” yet.

Nudges are wholesome dog treats, made in the USA with real chicken, pork, duck or beef. They don’t contain any artificial flavors or fillers – just the good stuff and that is important to me. As you already know, I’m a careful shopper and Walmart prices make spoiling Buddy affordable.

Nudges Dog Treats are sold in Walmart and many other retailers, with even more locations coming soon. They come in 12 different varieties so be sure and try Nudges Sizzlers too. Visit the store locator to find a store near you

Now I call Nudges his “Buddy Treats” and he comes running when he hears the crinkle of the bag come out of the pantry. I love to spoil him!

Find Nudges Grillers at Walmart

On your next visit to Walmart, stop by the pet section and pick up a bag or two of Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats.

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Vera Sweeney

You dog is adorable!! It really is funny how much they can change our lives for the better when we rescue them.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

OMG. The cuteness. It’s almost too much. Our dogs are like our furry children, and we couldn’t imagine life without them. I’ve got to get some of these Nudges for them.

Diana Villa

Those Nudges look very good for my little Tinkerbell, I have to check them out 🙂


Our dog Molly loves Nudges treats! They are seriously one of her favorites. I buy them at Walmart also. When Molly sees a new bag of Nudges she starts to lick the bag!

Terri Beavers

Cuteness overload and I can relate to a needy dog as I have one. He never leaves my side. I just know he’ll enjoy these so I’ll add them to my grocery list.

Heather @ Country Life, City Wife

Oh my gosh, I LOVE BUDDY!!! <3 Awwww. you are wonderful for giving him a home and he is just the cutest. Now I want a doggy to buy Nudges for, too! (In time…I travel too much for work right now). Thank you so much for sharing Buddy's story. What a way to warm your heart for the weekend!


How lucky you were to find sweet Buddy at an adoption event. He is a cutie and sounds like he is treated like a king.Looks like he loves those Nudges treats!


What a great story to share, and a super cute doggy. I love reading posts about dogs who rescued humans, dogs really are great therapy!

Christy Garrett

My dogs would enjoy these treats. I wil have to check it out.


OMG so adorable! I’ve always wanted a Maltipoo! Thanks for sharing your story. A dog does make your life more awesome! ;-D


Who wouldn’t get smitten with such an adorable dog?! He’s just the cutest. I want a dog like that too.

maggie branch

This post is so honest and full of heart. It is actually something my mom and I were talking about yesterday. She is considering getting a pup now that I am not living at home and do not live in town any longer. Your dog is adorable and I am glad he is enjoying the nudges! I have heard great things about those treats!

Ann Bacciaglia

I love to spoil my pets with healthy treats. I will have to pick up some of these treats for my Sisters dogs.

The Cubicle Chick

What a wonderful story and Buddy is adorable. I don’t have a pet yet but I hope to get one soon and you just inspired me and gave me good reason. – Yolonda


Looks like a great treats for Dogs! My mom should know about these treats.,

Taty Pradilla

I haven’t heard of these type of treats but I will have to check them out. My rottweiler loves to be spoiled, and this sounds like the perfect treat to do that with.

Golden Daily Scoop

Your dog is so cute, what a great story! I love that Nudges is made in the USA!

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