How to Find the Best Gas Prices and Save Money

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Save money and find the best prices on gas at BillShrink. Simply set up a profile and type in your home address, your normal driving route, the make and model of your car, and type of gas you use. In a few seconds, BillShrink will give you a report listing the best places to buy gas along your route.  They will tell you the price per gallon,  and the price to fill up your tank. The report will include a map, driving directions and methods of payment accepted at the gas station.

You can also set up an alert feature and they will email with updated prices.  This is an incredibly helpful resource. Remember this site when you take a driving vacation or need to fill up your rental car before returning it.

Where I live, gas prices are all over the map right now. Here is what I found when I plugged in the driving routes for me and then for my husband. The best gas price for me on the way to work is $3.07 and the best price for my husband who travels in the opposite direction is $2.88.

See my previous article about BillShrink to read about their additional money-saving features such as the cell phone plan deal finder and credit card deal finder features.


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