8 DIY and Green Lawn and Pest Solutions

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Better, cheaper and faster… these 8 homemade lawn and pest remedies are good! I found these at the MSN Real Estate website.

Homemade remedies often get the job done just as well as pricey store-bought brands, while saving money and using non-toxic products.

“You might just only be using a tenth of what’s in the bottle,” says Fern Marshall Bradley, author of “Rodale’s Vegetable Garden Problem Solver,” and then the rest “is a toxin that sits around in your garage.”

Concern about the health effects of herbicides and pesticides is growing nationwide. Connecticut recently banned some lawn pesticides on school grounds; other states and communities are considering similar moves. “It is not difficult to control pests naturally, so why bother with the risks and expense of synthetic pesticides?” Bradley says.

1. Hot pepper/garlic spray

The target: Caterpillars, leaf hoppers, spider mites and whiteflies 

How to do it: This recipe works by repelling — sometimes even killing — insects with its strong natural compounds. “It’s so effective that there are some companies making this,” Bradley says.

Here’s how to make it. (It’s best to devote an old blender to this and other homemade mixtures.):

  • Put several cloves of garlic and one or two hot peppers, or a few teaspoons of ground cayenne pepper, into the blender.
  • Add a quart of water. Blend.
  • Strain the mixture through cheesecloth. Let sit overnight before using. Add a few drops of liquid soap if you’d like; it might help the mixture stick to the plants. But be cautious using soap; it can strip the waxiness from plants — that’s why it sticks — and harm them.
  • When it is ready to apply, don plastic goggles and rubber gloves; the spray can be highly irritating. Use a pump spray bottle available at a garden center.

“You want to get the spray everywhere — even on the underside of the leaves,” Bradley says. “If it is not rainy conditions, it might be effective for up to two weeks.”
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Do you have any DIY lawn and pest remedies to share?


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