Places to Recycle, Donate or Sell Old Gadgets

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If you are looking to make some spare cash, upgrade some old stuff, or rid your garage of unused clutter take a look at the many ways we found to recycle, donate or sell your old gadgets.

Are you looking for places to recycle, donate or sell old gadgets? We found popular sources to help you to declutter. It's good for you and the planet.



We found some favorite places to recycle, donate or sell your old gadgets. Technology advances at a blistering pace leaving outdated devices behind. Most of your old electronics like computers, cell phones, digital cameras, video games, and printers can have either a cash or trade-in value. This is the probably the most lucrative area to find some extra cash. Take a look at these retailers that I found who make this part of their business.

Places to Recycle, Donate or Sell Your Old Gadgets

Trade In Sources

Cell Phone Companies

What’s more, cellular carrier stores, including AT&TSprintVerizon, and T-Mobile offer consumers their choice of in-store drop off or pre-printed shipping labels that make for quick and easy returns, free of charge.
Are you looking to declutter and get rid of old gadgets? We found places to recycle, donate or sell old gadgets including cell phones.

The two companies listed below will help you recycle just about anything. 

Not Worth Selling? Recycle Your Electronics

Electronics can be recycled for almost all of their components including metal, plastics, glass, and more. And there are more local, manufacturer, and retailer recycling programs than you’d think.

Find local organizations with Greener Gadgets. They offer a list of nationwide manufacturer, retailer, and certified eCycling programs in your area.

Give New Life to Old Tech with Donations

Donate your items and get a receipt for your taxes.  Numerous established organizations accept donations of old electronics and repurpose them for a good cause. The Environmental Protection Agency is a good resource to find a local organization to unload your old electronics.

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Reusing and repurposing is a great way to unclutter our life and reduce e-waste.

Do you have any other places to recycle, donate or sell old gadgets to share?



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