Favorite Banana Recipes from Top Food Bloggers

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Creamy, rich, and sweet, bananas are a favorite food. They are convenient to eat and are a good source of key nutrients. The only problem is that sometimes we buy too many and they start to turn brown.

We found favorite banana recipes from top food bloggers to share. Now there is no need to throw away any overripe bananas. If you don’t have time to use your bananas when they ripen, peel them and put them in a freezer bag and pop them into the freezer.

Do you often buy more banana than your family can eat before they turn brown? We put together favorite banana recipes from top food bloggers to enjoy.

Banana Chocolate Chip Vegan Pancakes by The Blenderist

No-Bake Banana Split Pudding Pie by Flour on my Face

Banana Bread Muffins by Gal on a Mission


Banana Nutella Bread Pudding by I am a Honey Bee

Chunky Monkey Whoopie Pies by Thrifty Jinxy

Banana Blueberry French Toast Bake by The Gracious Wife


Banana Streusel Muffins by Gator Mommy Reviews

Banana Freezer Frudge by Make the Best of Everything

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream {No Churn} by I’m Bored Let’s Go

Deep Fried Banana Bites by Cincy Shopper

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Banana home remedies are popular!

I have heard that you can get rid of a wart by placing a piece of banana skin placed on the wart, with the yellow side out. Use surgical tape to hold it in place. I have never tried this, have you?

Want a quick shine on your shoes?  Take the INSIDE of the banana skin, and rub directly on the shoe…polish with dry cloth.

A banana compared to an apple, has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around So maybe its time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, “A banana a day keeps the doctor away!”

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