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New Shortcuts and Life Hacks that will make things a little easier. (My life hack was featured in All You Magazine in the photo above.)

So Smart! Why Didn’t I Think of That??

Don’t you love these clever, brilliant, and simple tricks to manage our time and teach us a few new tricks? I have been collecting these for years and will be adding more here.

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Better, cheaper and faster… these 8 homemade lawn and pest remedies are good!



:: Natural Pest Repellents


mosquito trap 1

Make a homemade mosquito trap from a soda bottle- click here to learn how to do this.



Recipe for a Homemade Wasp Trap using vinegar, sugar, and salt. Thank you to CompleteGarden for your tutorial!

Bugs in the Sandbox?

Try sprinkling cinnamon in the sandbox to repel the little bugs that like to play too. Test your child for sensitivity first. As an added bonus, they might come out smelling like a little cinnamon roll! From

Keep Critters out of the Garden

Keep pests out of your garden with a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peels. This works for cats too who might want to use your garden as a litter box. Today’s useful tip is from All You Magazine.

:: Organizational Shortcuts Around the House

wrapping paper hack
Keep wrapping paper neat by using toilet paper rolls as cuffs! great idea- Thanks to SiriuslyMeg.

Do you have summer clothes that you did not wear?


Once or twice a year, remove everything from your closets. Wipe down the walls and baseboards and vacuum the floor. Turn all your hangars the wrong way and after you wear an item, rehang it in the opposite direction. Consider donating the items after 6 months if you have not worn them.


pool noodle door saver

Tack up a pool noodle to your garage wall where you park to avoid those door dings! This useful tip was found on Pinterest here.

:: Easy Cleaning Shortcuts, DIY’s and Life Hacks:

Cleaning a water stain off a wood surface is today’s useful tip from TLC “Green Home Cleaning Tips“.

You can quickly get rid of the water mark by making a thin paste of salad oil or lemon oil and salt. Wipe the paste on, then lightly buff the area as you wipe it off with a soft cloth.

My blue pot full of mineral deposits before soaking it in vinegar.

My blue pot full of mineral deposits before soaking it in vinegar.


A quick soak in vinegar and a little scrubbing with a rough sponge. Pretty nice!

A quick soak in vinegar and a little scrubbing with a rough sponge. Pretty nice!











Read about 45 Uses for Vinegar (thank you to my good tipper Josephine!)

:: A Tip for Cleaning Greasy Tools

Coke or Diet Coke can be used to clean tools and mechanical items that have become gummed up with grease and oil. Soak them overnight in a bath of Coca-Cola or Diet Coke. This makes you think about what the Coke does in your stomach! From 1,001 Old-Time Household Hints: Timeless Bits of Household Wisdom for Today’s Home and Garden

:: Using Leftover Coffee and Tea for Household Tasks

Household Uses for Leftover Coffee and Tea – I found several new ideas, read my post here. What do you do with leftover coffee and tea?

:: Health & Beauty Tips

Great tips and resources from Q-tips,Associated ContentThe Beauty BunnyBeauty with Brains,Lifehackery, and Smarty Pants.

You can improve your eyelashes, remove hairspray from mirrors, and more using simple items from the drug store.

  1. Clean up self tanner: A q tip can clean up self tanner from your cuticles, elbows, and backs of your knees.
  2. Control blemishes: Use witch hazel to reduce inflammation on pimples.
  3. Grow your eyelashes: Put Vaseline on your eyelashes before bed to grow them longer and thicker over time.
  4. Get hair spray off of mirrors: Wipe down your mirror with rubbing alcohol to get residue off.
  5. De-oil your hair: Soak up excess oil from your hair with epsom salt.
  6. Remove foot odor: Soak your feet in epsom salt to get rid of foot odor.
  7. Protect rubber gloves: Put cotton balls under your nails to protect them and your rubber gloves from puncture.
  8. Soften hard skin: Coat feet, elbows, and cuticles with Vaseline to soften them.
  9. Get hairspray out: Remove hairspray from your hair using a hairspray solution.
  10. Get odors off your hands: With rubbing alcohol, you can remove harsh odors from your hands.
  11. Remove excess nail polish: Dab a q tip in nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish.
  12. Massage with rubbing alcohol: Use rubbing alcohol instead of massage oil-it is cooling, but warms up quickly.
  13. Volumize your hair: A deep conditioner and epsom salt can volumize your hair.
  14. Zap zits: Clear up your acne by dabbing hydrogen peroxide onto your zits a few times a day.
  15. Keep emergency perfume on q tips: Spray perfume on q tips and store them in a plastic bag, then apply them to pressure points when you need them.
  16. Stop facial redness: Hemorrhoid cream can be used to clear up facial redness.
  17. Bring out your highlights: Spraying 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water in your hair after a shower can bring out your natural light highlights.
  18. Treat a cold sore: Hemorrhoid cream can help treat cold sores, just be careful not to put it where you’ll lick your lips.
  19. Fix makeup smudges: Dip a q tip in makeup remover or moisturizer to remove smudges.
  20. Get gum out of your hair: Work gum out of your hair with Vaseline.
  21. Shrink under-eye bags: Witch hazel can tighten up skin and reduce bagginess.
  22. Treat cellulite: Tighten and shrink tissue using hemorrhoid cream.
  23. Remove ear wax buildup: Flush out your waxy buildup using hydrogen peroxide.
  24. Heal bruises: Dab on witch hazel a few times a day to fade bruises.
  25. Conceal hair roots: Run a q tip with matching eyeshadow over your roots.
  26. Prevent hair dye stains: Keep hair dye from staining your skin by putting Vaseline along your hairline.
  27. Soothe and prevent razor burn: Apply witch hazel to help irritated hair follicles.
  28. Soak your toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide: Kill germs on your toothbrush by soaking them in hydrogen peroxide.
  29. Whiten your nails: Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and swab it over fingernails with a q tip.
  30. Kill foot fungus: Mix 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide on your feet every night and let them dry to kill foot fungus.
  31. Control unruly brows: Cover a q tip in Vaseline and run it over your eyebrow hairs.


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