Where to Find Organic Coupons, Gluten Free and Healthy Food Coupons

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At our house, the cleaner we eat, the better we feel. We do spend a little bit more money on food these days, but we have found great sources for saving money on organic, gluten free and healthy food.


Wondering where to find Organic, Gluten Free and Healthy Food Coupons? Save more money eating healthy food with our sources for coupons and savings.


 Are you shopping for organic food, gluten free, and healthy food? We update this awesome list of coupons and sources every week for our readers. Please share it with others who want to save money too.

Organic and Healthy Food Coupons:

Asparagus –20% on any single purchase of loose Asparagus
Santa Cruz Coupon – $1/1 Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Spread
Santa Cruz Coupon – $1/1 Santa Cruz Organic Apple Sauce
Sahale Snacks Coupon – $2/1 Sahale Snacks Bars, 4 ct
KeVita – $0.50/1 KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink
Suja Coupon – $1/1 Suja Organic, 10.5 oz
KeVita – $0.75/1 KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink
KeVita – $0.50/1 KeVita Master Brew Kombucha
Pure Coupon – $1/1 Pure Organic Bar
Earth Balance Coupon – $1/1 Earth Balance Nut Butters
Sunspire Coupon – $1/1 Sunspire Baking Chips
Dang Coupon – $1/2 Dang Food Products
Navitas Organics Coupon – $1/2 Navitas Organics Products
Organic Valley Coupon – $1/1 Organic Valley Cheese, 4.5oz or larger

Still Available:

Newman’s Own Coupon – $1/1 Newman’s Own Organics
Brownie Brittle – $1.50/1 Brownie Brittle (organic options available)
Sprout – $2/5 Baby or Toddler Puree Pouches
Simply 7 Coupon – $1/1 Simply 7 Snacks, 3.5 – 5 oz
Happy Egg Co Coupon – $1/1 Happy Egg Co, dozen
Once Again Coupon – $1.50/1 Once Again Honey or Nut Butter
Indian River – $1/1 Indian River any size Select Juice
Aquaball – $1.50/1 Aquaball
Florida Crystals – $0.55/1 Florida Crystals Sugar Product
Saffron Road – $1/1 Saffron Road snack product
Hilary’s –$1/2 Hilary’s product
Dream – $0.50/1 Dream Plant Based Yogurt
TCHO – $1/1 TCHO Chocolate Bars
Horizon – $0.50/1 Horizon Organic Yogurt
Ellyndale Coupon – $1/2 Ellyndale Foods Q Cups
Herbion Coupon – $1/1 Herbion Cough Drops
Maria and Ricardo’s Coupon – $1/1 Maria and Ricardo’s Tortillas
Evolution Fresh Coupon – $1/1 Evolution Fresh 11 fl oz or 15.2 fl oz Juice
Betsy’s Best Gourmet Coupon – $2.50/1 Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters
Nutiva Coupon – $2/1 Nutiva Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Honchos Coupon – $1/2 Honchos, 5 oz bag
Domino – $0.40/1 Domino 24 oz. Organic or Demerara Sugar Product
C&H – $0.40/1 C&H Organic or Washed Raw Sugar Product
Vital Farms – $1/1 Vital Farms Pasture-Raised ‘Alfresco’ Eggs Dozen
Hilary’s –$2/2 Hilary’s product
Vital Farms – $0.50/1 Vital Farms Pasture-Raised ‘Alfresco’ Eggs Dozen
Clover – $0.75/1 Clover Stornetta Farms
18 Rabbits – $0.75/1 18 Rabbits Organics Granola or Granola Cereal
Don’t Go Nuts – $1/2 Don’t Go Nuts Snack Bars
Mini Me’s – $1/1 Mini Me’s product
Enjoy Life Coupon – $1 off $3 or more Enjoy Life Product Purchase
Bestie Almond & Cashew Butter Coupon – $1/1 Bestie Almond & Cashew Butter, 11 oz Product
Green Valley Organics – $1/2 Green Valley Organics Lactose Free 6 oz. Yogurt Cups Product
Sprout – $1/1 Sprout Smash, 4 ct
Luvo – $1/1 Luvo steamed entrée
Happy Family – B1G1 Happy Family Pouch
Sprout – B1G1 Sprout Pouch
Better Bean Co’s – $1/1 Better Bean Co’s Fresh Ready-to-Eat Beans!
Deep River Snacks – $1/2 Deep River Snacks Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, 5 oz
Don’t Go Nuts – $1/1 Don’t Go Nuts roasted soybean spread
Brewla Bars – $1/1 Brewla Bars craft ice pops
Mediterranean Organic – $1/1 Mediterranean Organic product
Voilà! – $0.50/1 Voilà! Hallah Egg Bread Mix
Living Now – $1/1 Living Now Gluten-Free Organic Quinoa Pasta
Pyure – $1/1 Pyure Sweetener
Star – $1/1 STAR Olive Oil (organic options available)
Bhakti Chai – $1/1 Bhakti Chai
Once Upon a Farm – $1/2 Once Upon a Farm, meals
Heartshape – $4/1 HeartShape Red Yeast Rice
Lifeway Coupon – $1/2 Lifeway Kefir Products (excludes 8oz singles, 16oz singles and ProBugs singles)
Yo Yummy Coupon – $1/1 Yo Yummy, 4 pk Product
The Natural Dentist – $2/1 The Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse (16.9 oz. size)
Carrington Farms Coupon – $0.50/1 Carrington Farms Organic Flax Hemp Blend
Baby Mum-Mum Coupon – $0.75/1 Baby Mum-Mum or Toddler Mum-Mum product
Hilary’s –$1/1 Hilary’s product
Barnana – $1/1 Barnana Product
Mulberry Love – $0.55/1 Mulberry Product
Uncle Matt’s – $0.75/1 Uncle Matt’s Organic 59 oz juice
Ah!Laska – $1/1 Ah!Laska Product
Bob’s Red Mill Coupon – $1/1 Bob’s Red Mill Product
Agave In The Raw –$0.75/1 Agave In The Raw bottle, 18.75 oz
Dakota Beef –$1/1 Dakota Beef Product
Mamma Chia – $1/2 Mamma Chia Beverages
KeVita – $1/1 KeVita Bottle, any
Peace Cereal – $1/1 Peace Cereal
Erewhon Cereal – $1/1 Erewhon Cereal
Rudi’s Gluten-Free Product – $1/1 Rudi’s Product Coupon
Rudi’s Gluten-Free Product – $1.25/1 Rudi’s Product Coupon


Where to find Organic, Gluten Free and Healthy Food Coupons:

Blue Diamond – not just nuts, there are coupons for Almond Breeze products too with email sign up.

Dreamfields Pasta – sign up for their newsletter and get $1.00 off coupon. You will get a monthly newsletter with recipes. 

Earthbound Farms – sign up for their newsletter for free stuff, coupons and more. 

Enjoy Life – company has food, recipes, and support for those with dairy, egg, wheat, and peanut allergies.  

Health e-Savers –  print coupons for popular products such as Annie’s products, Barlean products, Carlson supplements, and Simply Organic seasonings. 

Horizon Organic Milk – sign up for emails to get coupons for milk and other Horizon products.

Ian’s – all natural and organic whole foods. Sign up and request emails.

Laura’s Lean Beef – features cattle never given antibiotics or added growth hormones. Sign up for monthly newsletters and get a coupon for $1.00 off.

Lifeway Kefir – Sign up for newsletters and get coupons.

Mambo Sprouts – Get e-coupons for you to use right now. There are over 25 to choose from including Santa Cruz

Organic, Stonyfield, Organic Valley, Helios, and So Delicious products.

Organic Valley -view and print coupons from their website.

Pacific Natural Foods – sign up for their email list and you can print all current offers.

SeventhGeneration – sign up for their newsletter to get coupons and special offers.

Simply Organic –  print coupons for baking mixes, spices, extracts, dips, marinades and more.

StonyfieldOrganic –  sign up for emails and get coupons for YoBaby and Oikos products.

Whole FoodsMarket has printable coupons on their site.

Did you know that Trader Joe’s will accept coupons for the products that they carry?

Trader Joe’s does not have an official coupon policy on their website, however, my local store accepts manufacturer’s coupons for the organic products that Trader Joe’s carries.

what is berry cart

Have you heard of this money-saving APP for grocery store savings on organic food called BerryCart ?. If you are familiar with Ibotta and Checkout 51, then you can just jump on board and get started right away.

How Does BerryCart Work?

how does berrycart work

BerryCart will save you money, in any store, on natural, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergy free food and drink. Purchase your items, and then take a picture of your receipt, and BerryCart will send you a money back rebate which you can cash out through Paypal or by getting gift cards.

From the BerryCart website;
You can find products offered in BerryCart in over 25,000 locations including Whole FoodsSproutsWalmartTarget, and Mother’s Market just to name a few.

Sign up for BerryCart right here, and get PayPal money for the healthy foods you are already purchasing! A pretty cool way to earn some extra cash!

Have you heard of “The Dirty Dozen” foods or  “The Clean Fifteen“?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts out a list every year of the fruits and vegetables that are found in grocery stores and their pesticide levels.  The group recommends that any of the produce found on The Dirty Dozen be avoided unless it’s organic

*More With Less Today tips: -Learn the coupon policy at your local supermarket. Many of these manufacturers coupons and competitors coupons, like the Whole Foods coupons may be accepted at your local supermarket for the organic products that they carry.

Learn the coupon policy at your local supermarket. Many of these manufacturers coupons and competitors coupons, like the Whole Foods coupons may be accepted at your local supermarket for the organic products that they carry.

Use a secondary email address to sign up for coupons and offers. I don’t want your email inbox to look like mine does! You can get a free email address from Google or Yahoo.

We have a FREE GROCERY COUPON DATABASE you can use to find all the grocery coupon and drug store coupons you need. Simply type the name of the product or brand you like into the search bar, and all available coupons will be displayed.


 If you have embraced healthier eating too, we would love to hear your tips! Don’t forget to share this resource with your friends and family.  Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it!

Are you looking to save money and find sources for organic food coupons, gluten free coupons, and healthy food coupons?

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