17 Practical Graduation Gifts

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My friends at RetailMeNot.com, did a recent survey and learned that  America’s number one most desired graduation gift is money (50%).  Fewer respondents think they’d most want a car (15%) or a trip or vacation (13%).

How Much Do You Spend on Graduation Gifts?

·         Americans on average consider $165 an appropriate gift for high school grads, $464 for college grads, and $772 for grad school graduates.

·         Men have bigger ideas than women about what amounts are appropriate for grads: high school ($226 vs. $111), college ($627 vs. $319), grad school ($909 vs. $655). 

·         Some college grad respondents reported that they would opt for travel after graduation, but it’s not about avoiding responsibility.  Nearly one quarter of Americans would want to take a road trip (24%) or travel internationally (21%).  But far fewer are simply interested in living a life of leisure before entering the ‘real world’ (12%), or not working at all and instead just having fun (11%). 

·         If graduates could have had more advice upon entering the ‘real world’, they would have liked to have been told to save money (42%), avoid spending beyond their means (37%), be wary of credit cards (30%), find a job right away (29%), or put money into investments (28%). 


RetailMeNot  put together a list of 17 Practical Graduation Gifts along with promo codes to help you to save the most! I like the beautiful note cards idea. In our text and tech age, a handwritten thank you note really stands out, don’t you agree?


Do you have a favorite practical graduation gift to share? In addition to cold hard cash, I like to give Amazon.com gift cards so the grad can choose their own gift. One size fits all!




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