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The school our children attend is very progressive and is ahead in many ways when it comes to technology.  Every child in the school has their own computer or tablet for use at school and in the older grades they are allowed to bring them home for homework, research, and personal use.  Many assignments are now done electronically, spelling lessons and tests, and reports are all done on tablets or computers.  I have some reservations when it comes to this because I think it’s so important for children, all of us really, to continue to write and to read written words and to verbally communicate.


BIC Fight For Your Write - More With Less Today - Pledge to Save Handwriting and Enter to Win a $1200 BIC Prize Pack - Handwriting in Schools

While our school is progressive with technology, they are also insistent on still teaching writing and encouraging students to write even though it isn’t part of the state curriculum any longer.  Did you know that schools are not required to teach cursive writing to students anymore?!?  I was shocked to find this out but so thankful that our school is still doing it despite the requirements.

BIC knows that writing is an important vehicle for communication because it distinguishes us and promotes individuality.  They are on a mission to save handwriting and Fight For Your Write.  Writing is a critical learning tool for children.  Writing helps kids become better readers, boosts their confidence and sparks their creativity. Together BIC wants to show children just how great writing can be… and how great they can be!   #BICFightForYourWrite #Ad

BIC Fight for Your Write

BIC Fight for Your Write

Together with BIC we want you to take their Pledge to Save Handwriting and enter for a chance to win a $1200 BIC Prize Pack by 9/14/2015.  There’s no purchase necessary to enter.  Like I did, PLEDGE to FIGHT FOR YOUR WRITE by encouraging the act of handwriting in your home and throughout your community because writing makes us ALL awesome!  In addition to entering to win this great prize pack you can find the extensive line of mechanical pencils BIC has to offer and tips to inspire handwriting at

BIC Fight for Your Write

BIC has a variety of mechanical pencils that are sure to get your child excited about handwriting.  My daughter loves to write, whether it’s in a journal, writing to friends and family who live far away, or doodling and day dreaming about future vacations and adventures.  She says she loves to write with the colorful and stylish mechanical pencils from BIC because it’s more fun.

BIC Fight for Your Write

Each year as we approach the start of a new school year I like to have my children sit down with a notebook or journal, a pencil, and their hearts and write about what they are most looking forward to in the new school year.  I encourage them to write about what they are expecting, who they’re looking forward to seeing, and things they want to accomplish throughout the year.  After the school year starts we revisit this journal entry together and talk about what they’ve experienced so far.  As the year goes on I like to have them write entries about their school year, teacher, friends, and experiences.  It’s a great way to keep them writing and enjoying the process of writing.  It’s also fun to see how their handwriting develops over the year, how it changes and becomes unique and a reflection on their personality.

BIC Fight for Your Write

There are many great ways to inspire handwriting.  Take time each week to write letters to friends or family who live far away, take a hike and journal what you see along the way, document a family vacation and all the fun adventures, or take the time to simply write about the good in each day and reflect on it when things feel down.

How would you inspire your family to write?  How can you incorporate more handwriting in your every day life that can so often be filled with technology? 

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Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

Writing is such an important skill! My daughter is too young to really be using a journal, but we do encourage her to learn her name and choose her favorite pens and pencils. I’ll have to pick up some BIC for her.

Sarah @ Must Have Mom

What a great read! I agree with you that writing is soo important. I’m glad your school has found a way to balance it with the ever growing world of technology!


We were just talking about handwriting the other day, and how kids aren’t using it much any more thanks to keyboards. I guess that’s the nature of progress!

Marcie W.

I am a stickler for crisp clean writing which is why I only purchase mechanical pencils for my kids. I certainly hope the art of pen and paper writing does not get lost in the technology age.


That is really cool of Bic. I agree that it needs to be taught and taken seriously. Our school thankfully agrees. PS Your daughter is adorable.

Amy Desrosiers

I love this inspiration you have here for encouraging kids to write and create. My kids love to put their thoughts to paper.

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