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Guess who was featured in an online magazine today? It’s always nice to be recognized. The online magazine is called Moms Talk Network.

Mom Blogger Interview: Lori Felix {More With Less Today}

November 7, 2011 By Alaina Frederick Leave a Comment
So many of us are now fascinated with coupons and ways to save due to the economy and popular television shows. Our mom today, Lori, has been living a life long way of saving and has passed her thriftiness on to her children and is now sharing her secrets with us on!

When did your coupon/bargain hunting begin?

I was a stay at home Mom for over 20 years and always felt it was part of my job to spend less, save what I could and stretch our dollars so I could remain at home.

Once you saw what/how you could save what prompted you to start

The empty nest was on the horizon for me and I saw blogging as a way to stay connected and feel useful. Many of my daughters high school friends were my earliest fans of my coupons and deals.

Many young families are finding themselves just this side of ‘making it’ what can you recommend to get those families started with pinching those pennies on everyday basics?

First of all, do not try and keep up with the Joneses. Teach your children from an early age about frugality, sharing, giving, serving others and helping out. Make a weekly meal plan and find a way to lower your food bill. Follow a frugal blogger and keep trying new ways to save.

Do not feel like you have to enroll your child in every activity that comes along. At the end of the day, our favorite memories were those created at home, not driving somewhere in the car.

Use freebies and deals for treats, cheap dates and to donate to others. Giving blesses the giver.

Do you have a “biggest haul ever” you can share with us?

Free is my favorite price and I find freebies all the time. I took my husband to CVS and did my CVS coupons and matchups for Halloween candy and toiletries. He had never seen me in action here and he could not believe how much I got for around $14 out of pocket.

Now that your children have grown do you see them putting into practice the things you learned from your mother and grandmother?

Yes, my daughter shops at Thrift Stores, uses my Target coupons, and loves to cook and make home made gifts. My son uses the daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social all the time.

I was blessed to have a mother and grandmother who always found ways to help others with very limited means. I encourage my readers to share the deals we find with others too! I believe that generosity is more “caught” then “taught”.

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