Textbooks – Rent ’em Then Return ’em!

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Okay, you might be saying did I read the title of this post correctly.  Whoever heard of renting textbooks.  Well to be honest not me but since I actually rented my wedding gown while eloping in Las Vegas…I’m not allowed to poke fun at it.  All kidding aside though it is a really good idea.

Text books are extremely expensive and a good portion of them, you do need to keep.  So why not get on board with the relatively new phenomenon of renting text books.  

Most of the websites have a similar process:

  1. Search for the textbooks you need
  2. Rent them
  3. Receive them by mail
  4. Return them when you are done with ‘Free and Easy Returns’

Renting textbooks really does save money.  Normally you can save 50-90% or more off the retail price by renting.  Because they can rent the book multiple times, the textbook rental companies can afford to rent for very low prices.  You might wonder if the rental price is lower than the price of a used textbook.  After a little research, I found that normally the rental price is even a little lower than the used book price.  Plus the rental books are in much better condition! No missing or torn pages, writing or highlighting etc.

Some other websites that rent textbooks are (just to name a few, there are hundreds):



www.textbookrentalwebsites.net (This is actually a textbook rental comparison tool)








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