Make a Cool Retro Clock from an Old Vinyl Record – Rock Around the Clock!

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Make this cool DIY retro clock from an old vinyl record. Follow the step by step directions and turn an old record into a fun clock.

You can make this cool retro clock from a vinyl record and an old clock. If you don’t have what you need at home, you can most likely find them at your favorite thrift store. We found ours at our favorite Goodwill of Orange County store.

It’s fun to make custom accessories from common Goodwill finds. Why not make a few extra to give as gifts? Everyone who saw this DIY Retro Clock from an Old Vinyl Record just loved them.

DIY Retro Clock from an Old Vinyl Record – Rock Around the Clock!


Vinyl record

Battery operated clock. Flip it over and make sure it has a mechanism with a battery slot that is held in by screws. The clock should have hands for hour, minute, and seconds.

New battery to fit in the clock’s mechanism

Numbering system. I used stencils and a paint pen but you could also use scrapbook paper, stickers, or paint.


how to make a DIY clock from a vinyl record

Step 1: Position your numbers around the record to spread them out evenly, just like the numbers on a clock. I used a new pack of stencils and justed worked with the cutout part.

Step 2: Use your stencil and paint pen to outline and fill in your numbers.

Step 3: Paint pens dry fast but give it about 20 minutes to dry completely.

DIY clock made from a record

Step 4: Take apart the clock so you can get to the clock’s mechanism. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the clock. you should have a second hand, a minute hand, and an hour hand plus the back plate. If the hands get bent, just carefully bend them back into place.

Rock Around the Clock DIY craft

Step 5; Insert the clock mechanism into your vinyl record. Try to screw it in and not jam it in. If the hold is too small, use a drill bit to make the hole a little larger.

DIY gift for a record lover

Step 6: Put the hands back on, put the battery in, and stand back to admire your DIY vinyl record clock!

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This is the coolest idea I’ve seen ever! Ir brings to life so many memories!

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